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I *should* be doing something productive right now…

…but instead I’m writing about how tired I am.

Day 2 was a little less hectic than Day 1.  I started at the child care center at 9:30 and played with/yelled at/cleaned up after a group of 3-5 year olds until 12:30.  From there I paid off my parking violation from the winter session (who knew that lot wasn’t open during off-session?  Certainly not me!) and headed to Commack for a 2-7:30 shift.   Looking for something to spend a half an hour reading to calm my mind, I realized I wasn’t in possession of my February book club book.  When I checked out the Lindenhurst Memorial Library website, it stated that the library would be open until 9…so yeah, I went.  But my library card had expired in 11/09 so I had to get a new, with-the-times, high-tech, snazzy card, which has my picture on it.  When I was offered the keychain card at no charge, I just couldn’t say no.  So now my dorky library card sits with my accounts to CVS, Bob’s Stores, Petco, and every supermarket in the Tri-State area.  But I digress.  When I returned home I was so exhausted from Day 1 + Day 2 that I passed out by 10, having read all of four pages of the book.

Day 3 only slightly kicked my butt.  I took notes in the class I’m T.A.-ing from 9:30-10:30 and then met up with some of the other T.A.s to discuss our T.A. duties and the ever-popular “how to use the big commercial copy machine.”  I ran straight from there to work at 11, where I stayed busy until the boss’s daughter grabbed me by the heart and got me to play with her for an hour and a half (time I should have been reading my new 770 paged library book).  I ran back to school at 5:30 for a post-test training meeting, wherein I learned how to walk participants of a sleep deprivation study through the second half of their testing.  And by “learned how” I mean “went through the tests myself” to get a full picture of how it’s all done.

I think that ended somewhere near 7:30, so I grabbed a cup or two of pasta salad from school and headed home.  I spent that night from 9-10:30 watching the President address Congress, which was a waste of an hour and a half because it was mostly redundant Obama-speak.  At 10:30 I filled out and drew up an essay for an application to Adelphi’s M.A. program in Mental Health Counseling in the fall.  I also put together a list of all of my former addresses, which will be required by the State of NY because I’m working with children…not that I didn’t fill out the exact same form three weeks ago for the Office of Mental Health when I attended orientation for South Oaks.  Oh well, at least it’s now saved as a Word doc!

By the time I was done with all of the above, I lay down to read some of the aformntioned book club book, Drood, but I fell asleep a few more pages in.  From what I can tell though, I like Dan Simmons’ style.  He writes somewhat similar to how I write (throwing in little parenthetical side notes entirely too often).  For many I can only imagine that gets annoying, but for me–attention-grabbing!  Now if I could only read it without exhaustion overtaking me!

Today seemed like another wuzzle (CTBS Test Word!!!!  “wuzzle” means “to mix” for those of you that don’t remember the example that was drilled into our heads at that tender age) of a thousand different things.  I played with the kiddies again from 9:30-12:30, and let me tell you that is draining.  I like it–even the handfuls are unique and special kids–but I’m amazed at how unprepared my body was for this experience.  At 12:30 I raced over to campus to find out that the post office is only open on M/W/F, the Parking Services Department has nothing to do with meters eating peoples’ money (you have to call a number to file a complaint to be ignored for that), and the University Counseling Center probably can’t accommodate my horrendous limited availability schedule, but will try.  I do, however, get 10 sessions of mental health counseling, which I am more than happy to take if they can squeeze me in every other week.  I’d welcome as much support as possible, especially considering it doesn’t particularly feel like my family is there for me.

Soooooo after all of that, I went to the Commack office to turn off for 30 minutes before having to jump into work mode for five and a half hours.  Today everyone decided to tell me their insurance had changed (on 1/1/10, mind you) and I also have five evaluations over the next three days that the office is completely unprepared for.  I blame the system for this one, though.  The “new evaluation” system is utter shit at my job.  If I had any time at all to spend on it, I would try to come up with a better system.  But alas–they are doomed to repeat unnecessary mistakes.

So after I took a beating at work, I came home to bills in the mail, a pile of laundry and a dirty litterbox.  I started the laundry and had some soup, at least, but now I’ve still a few items left on the to-do list that I have very little energy to do.  But I must, because the week doesn’t end here.  Thursday is my new Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have class, work, kiddie time and a night of homework, then Saturday will be the first day of volunteer work in the therapeutic rehabilitation department at South Oaks Hospital.  When I get home from that, I have to pack up and head to my father’s, play with my little brother, do more homework, and then get up in time for 12pm book club.  I’ll get back to my comfy, cozy room around 4pm on Sunday, at which point I will have to write a 5-6 page essay for class on Monday.

See what I mean? T.I.R.E.D.


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The day after.

The test went, in a word, badly.  I got a 500 verbal and 610 quantitative.  You know it’s bad when I do better on math. I spent last night drowning myself in wine, WoW and a movie, with the promise of turning things around beginning today.  My goals are as follows:

1. No naps.  Tired? Go to bed, and get up bright and early.
2. Exercise.  Yes, I’ve said this before.  But I never give up hope on myself.  At least 1x a day, preferably 2x.  And it’s okay, if in terrible pain, to skip a day.
3. Cut down on: snacks, alcohol, and the stuff that’s bad for my voice (caffeine, spicy foods, fried foods).
4. Eat more: fruits, veggies, soy.
5. Drink 1/2 glass of OJ every morning.
6. Keep moving.  Be it physical, mental, or just productive.  No staring at Facebook mindlessly for hours.
7. Take care of my teeth.  They’re neglected.
8. When “bored,” choose from any of the following:  studying for GRE test #2, studying for the Psych GRE, working on grad school application stuffs, looking at grad school programs, reading The Perfect Storm for a review in Natural Disasters class.
9. When needed “Linda-time,” choose from any of the following: recreational reading, movie from bb.com, WoW.
10. Make to-do list(s) constantly.  Stop trying to remember things.

What have I done today along these lines?  Let’s see, I haven’t napped (and it’s 9 p.m. — good sign I won’t nap at all then), I went jogging this morning, I had salad and soy crisps for lunch, I drank OJ for breakfast, I got info from Penn State and made a list of requirements for it in my decision to apply, I found GRE test questions in abundance that I can use to study, and I cleaned up my room (not that there was much to clean–it was more of a “tidy”).  I am going to go read the first few pages of A Perfect Storm, and when I get drowsy I will make some vegetables and sit down to watch “Gamers.”  Then I will brush my teeth and go to bed.  I have intentions on getting up around 8 to do a little more jogging before getting ready for work, which I should arrive at ~9:30.

Sounds good.  How long could I possibly keep this up?  Heh.

So despite my missing blog entry of yesterday, I did manage to take a picture, as I did today as well.

Post-GRE failure dinner.  :(

Post-GRE failure dinner. 😦

And today, I tried to catch Gus Gus barking with the ball in his mouth, but no dog wanted to stand still for three whole seconds.

Bella & Gus Gus.

Bella & Gus Gus.

Aaaaand, I’m off.  Peace.

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Morning vocab.

I crashed last night.  I knew it would happen; I’d not had a proper amount of sleep in a week or so and in turn, I crashed.  But I’m up at 8 to do laundry and catch up a smidgen from what I didn’t do last night, so here goes (though I should probably wait until the coffee is done brewing and has been imbibed, honestly):

1. decorum — orderliness and good taste in manners. Like when you decorate a room, it’s often in good taste.  In this case, it’s just for manners.

2. satiate — to satisfy or fulfill the appetite or desire of. What is the difference between sate and satiate?  Are they interchangeable?

3. indolence — laziness. Mickey Dolenz was pretty lazy, wasn’t he?  (This is untrue; he was probably the most agile of the Monkees.)

4. welter — turmoil. I was always in a state of turmoil when my grandmother used to force me to go to Mrs. Walter’s house and keep her company.  I was but a child!

5. quixotic — idealistic; romantic to a ridiculous degree. My gratitude, Don Quixote.

6. blatant — offensively loud.  When did this word stop meaning ‘obvious’?  I’ll never be able to get rid of that, but I could always try to think of blaring horns, which are offensively loud…I guess.

7. unassuaged — unsatisfied; not soothed. Well, duh.  Assuaged is soothed.  So, yeah.

8. imperious — insisting on obedience. To be “in pair,” someone’s going to have to be obedient.  The other’s clearly going to insist upon it.

9. derision — ridicule. Hard to separate derive from this one, but I could think of de-rising, or keeping down via ridicule.

10. pious — religious. Pope Pious V — in 3-D!!!  (c) Eddie Izzard. (Okay, so it’s “Pius” but you get the idea.)

11. viscous — sticky; gluey. “Ew! It’s all…viscous!”

12. contumacious — rebellious. Two people consummating an unwanted relationship are being contumacious.

13. abstemious — state of self-denial, especially regarding food/drink. So they abstain from eating/drinking?

14. sanction — to approve. Again, I thought this meant something different, but a variation on the same theme.  I took it as rationing, but I guess when something is rationed, they need be approved first, yeah?

15. vagabond — wanderer. I’ve always called Elton John “The Wanderer.”  I got John and Dion confused pretty often.  (Lie lie lie!)

The one thing I’ve noticed is I make a lot of typos when I’m trying to type after being awake all of 30 minutes.  Clearly my brain needs more time to set up shop in the morning.  Seriously, like a ridiculous amount of ‘backspacing’ going on here (although on a Mac, there is no ‘backspace.’)  Okay, too frustrating.  Back for more vocab in the p.m.  Later, taters.

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