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I *should* be doing something productive right now…

…but instead I’m writing about how tired I am.

Day 2 was a little less hectic than Day 1.  I started at the child care center at 9:30 and played with/yelled at/cleaned up after a group of 3-5 year olds until 12:30.  From there I paid off my parking violation from the winter session (who knew that lot wasn’t open during off-session?  Certainly not me!) and headed to Commack for a 2-7:30 shift.   Looking for something to spend a half an hour reading to calm my mind, I realized I wasn’t in possession of my February book club book.  When I checked out the Lindenhurst Memorial Library website, it stated that the library would be open until 9…so yeah, I went.  But my library card had expired in 11/09 so I had to get a new, with-the-times, high-tech, snazzy card, which has my picture on it.  When I was offered the keychain card at no charge, I just couldn’t say no.  So now my dorky library card sits with my accounts to CVS, Bob’s Stores, Petco, and every supermarket in the Tri-State area.  But I digress.  When I returned home I was so exhausted from Day 1 + Day 2 that I passed out by 10, having read all of four pages of the book.

Day 3 only slightly kicked my butt.  I took notes in the class I’m T.A.-ing from 9:30-10:30 and then met up with some of the other T.A.s to discuss our T.A. duties and the ever-popular “how to use the big commercial copy machine.”  I ran straight from there to work at 11, where I stayed busy until the boss’s daughter grabbed me by the heart and got me to play with her for an hour and a half (time I should have been reading my new 770 paged library book).  I ran back to school at 5:30 for a post-test training meeting, wherein I learned how to walk participants of a sleep deprivation study through the second half of their testing.  And by “learned how” I mean “went through the tests myself” to get a full picture of how it’s all done.

I think that ended somewhere near 7:30, so I grabbed a cup or two of pasta salad from school and headed home.  I spent that night from 9-10:30 watching the President address Congress, which was a waste of an hour and a half because it was mostly redundant Obama-speak.  At 10:30 I filled out and drew up an essay for an application to Adelphi’s M.A. program in Mental Health Counseling in the fall.  I also put together a list of all of my former addresses, which will be required by the State of NY because I’m working with children…not that I didn’t fill out the exact same form three weeks ago for the Office of Mental Health when I attended orientation for South Oaks.  Oh well, at least it’s now saved as a Word doc!

By the time I was done with all of the above, I lay down to read some of the aformntioned book club book, Drood, but I fell asleep a few more pages in.  From what I can tell though, I like Dan Simmons’ style.  He writes somewhat similar to how I write (throwing in little parenthetical side notes entirely too often).  For many I can only imagine that gets annoying, but for me–attention-grabbing!  Now if I could only read it without exhaustion overtaking me!

Today seemed like another wuzzle (CTBS Test Word!!!!  “wuzzle” means “to mix” for those of you that don’t remember the example that was drilled into our heads at that tender age) of a thousand different things.  I played with the kiddies again from 9:30-12:30, and let me tell you that is draining.  I like it–even the handfuls are unique and special kids–but I’m amazed at how unprepared my body was for this experience.  At 12:30 I raced over to campus to find out that the post office is only open on M/W/F, the Parking Services Department has nothing to do with meters eating peoples’ money (you have to call a number to file a complaint to be ignored for that), and the University Counseling Center probably can’t accommodate my horrendous limited availability schedule, but will try.  I do, however, get 10 sessions of mental health counseling, which I am more than happy to take if they can squeeze me in every other week.  I’d welcome as much support as possible, especially considering it doesn’t particularly feel like my family is there for me.

Soooooo after all of that, I went to the Commack office to turn off for 30 minutes before having to jump into work mode for five and a half hours.  Today everyone decided to tell me their insurance had changed (on 1/1/10, mind you) and I also have five evaluations over the next three days that the office is completely unprepared for.  I blame the system for this one, though.  The “new evaluation” system is utter shit at my job.  If I had any time at all to spend on it, I would try to come up with a better system.  But alas–they are doomed to repeat unnecessary mistakes.

So after I took a beating at work, I came home to bills in the mail, a pile of laundry and a dirty litterbox.  I started the laundry and had some soup, at least, but now I’ve still a few items left on the to-do list that I have very little energy to do.  But I must, because the week doesn’t end here.  Thursday is my new Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have class, work, kiddie time and a night of homework, then Saturday will be the first day of volunteer work in the therapeutic rehabilitation department at South Oaks Hospital.  When I get home from that, I have to pack up and head to my father’s, play with my little brother, do more homework, and then get up in time for 12pm book club.  I’ll get back to my comfy, cozy room around 4pm on Sunday, at which point I will have to write a 5-6 page essay for class on Monday.

See what I mean? T.I.R.E.D.


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It sure doesn’t feel like a new year.

For some reason I had my heart set on feeling like a new person come 1/1/10, or at least 1/5/10, but I don’t.  I’m thankful my first few days of 2010 were spent up in Rhinebeck & Cold Spring, NY, hiking in the serenity of the snow-laden mountains, but it made my first day(s) back in regular life that much more difficult.

I stayed up last night to watch Troy, since we were screening it in class on 1/6 (day 2 of winter class), and I have to miss that class for orientation to volunteer on Saturdays at a mental institution.  When I get to the first day of class, not seven hours after finishing the flick, I find the first two days on the syllabus are a mistake, and the first day was a screening of Troy, not the second.  The plus side?  Not wanting to watch Troy twice in twelve hours, I did the mini attendance-assignment, explained my predicament to the teacher, and got to split from class. That way I worked more than I would normally have had time to, allowing me to catch up some.  Of course, I wound up working almost 8 hours, so it’s almost as though I didn’t really get a vacation!

But tomorrow and Thursday and Friday should be somewhat more smooth because of the effort I put in today.  (I hope.)  I also managed to have time to get that new fuel filter. Frank the stoner really creeps me out at the Jiffy Lube.  Then again, he told me to ask for a few bucks off, and I paid seven less bucks because of him.  (But he’s still creepy!)

After my school –> Stony Brook –> Jiffy Lube –> Commack office –> dinner –> Odyssey day, I think I’ll be asleep the second my head hits the pillow.

Things I didn’t get done today:
– call Sue (back, even though it was on my agenda to do anyway)
– make bloodwork appointment (to find out wtf is wrong with my fingers on my left hand)
– return Troy to Blockbuster

Here’s hoping I remember to do them tomorrow!

Off to read and exercise…

❤ Peace/Love/Happiness ❤

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I was never the type to talk about the movie in the parking lot…

…and tonight I didn’t have to.  I, finally, after planning on it for quite a number of years, went to the movies by myself this evening.  I had mixed emotions about the situation as well as the movie itself.

Being alone creates an air of aberrant behavior, so combined with my out-loudedness, I do actually look like the crazy lady.  But if you can manage to not be bothered by the notion of being alone, which, might I add, Woody Harrelson helped me conquer, then you probably wouldn’t care if you looked like the crazy lady.  (However, why be “out-loud” at all, if not for other people to hear?  So part of my being obviously feeds off of the image.)

Down sides to being alone at a movie: no one to point out the things that you missed, or see deeper meaning in something you didn’t.  No one to snuggle up to.  No one to discuss “favorite parts” or discrepancies with.  In my case, though, I never have a favorite part–I’m a gestalt movie-goer apparently.

Up sides to being alone at a movie: no one to talk through parts of the movie, or “get” something you didn’t, promising to “tell you later,” but then later forget.  No one to create any kind of awkward touchy tension.  No one to ask, “so, what did you think of it?” when it’s over.  Why I don’t like that conversation I’ll probably never know.  Probably for the same reason I don’t like “how was your weekend?” but I’ll probably never know that one either.  Maybe I just like to be non-conforming.  Who knows?

It helped that no one else sat in my entire row, I think.  Well, either that or it gave me a complex that I need to shower more often.  It kind of just felt like I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the den watching  a movie I couldn’t pause.

The movie, though, I liked.  It did all the things a movie should do, and I think a smidgen more.  I laughed (’cause, come on, it’s John Cusack), I got all misty eyed at the humanitarian and father-daughter parts, though I “kept it real,” I was scared when all of the natural disasters happened, I wondered if any were possible, and I felt quick-witted for picking up on some subtleties, despite their very biblical connotation (i.e. the ship Genesis, the kid’s name being Noah, the llama in cargo).  You’ll see–when you see the movie.  I’m sure there were more, but it took me a while to realize they even existed, so I wasn’t really paying too much attention to begin with.

Oh, and also?  Love you, James Cameron.  Can’t wait for my December movie-of-the-month: AVATAR!

And The Lovely Bones, but that’s with the Book and Movie Club Meetup.

And maybe Did You Hear About the Morgans? but that might be a rental later on in life.  It looks funny enough that I might pay money to see it.  (It’s also only $8.50 at PJ Cinema.  Rock.)  I might draft my friend from third grade, Sharon, to go see one of ’em.

Anyways, so much more to say, but I’d rather not plug in Macky, ’cause I’m lazy and comfortable…and waiting to get back to New Moon.  I’m such a sucker for Stephanie Meyer’s books, even if I read one every six months (or more realistically when the movies are going to come out, even though I don’t actually see them in the theater).  I especially liked the pages simply labeled “October,” “November,” “December,” and “January.”  Meyer seems to catch the perfection in a broken heart.  Before you roll your eyes in criticism, look at it this way: if I’m gonna read a romance novel, at least let it contain vampires. RIGHT?

😉  ‘Night, folks.

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A peek into my journal.

My journal is not the standard journal in that it holds all my deep, dark secrets and inner thoughts that I couldn’t possibly share with the world.  I don’t have a place for that, because I don’t have those things.  I only have what I write here.  My journal just happens to be small enough to fit in my bag (or jacket pocket, really) and therefore catches stray thoughts when I’m out and about, most recently in school.

9/10/09 – sitting on the floor at Penn Station, NY, waiting for my track to be listed
I hate that I love Penna Sta., NY.  You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone, I guess.

I love sitting on the floor, watching everyone bustle above me, towering like small giants, going about their busy lives.  When I stand, I join them, like I was never of another status, but for now — just for a few minutes — I am still.  There is nothing to me but breath, which, shoulders at rest, occurs through the rise & fall of my diaphragm.  For just these moments, I am the out-group.  Some will consider me an exception to their in-group, which will strengthen their ties to being a commuter.

Oddly, the woman playing music next to McDonald’s began to sing, “don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone…”  There is something magical about this place — or mystical.  Like it’s not just a commuter hub, it’s also a spiritual hub.

9/14/09 – in Environmental History ~6:50 p.m.
Creepy old guy in history class eyed me up & down & mouthed, “wow.”  I think I pretended not to notice, but I can’t really tell what my face revealed — turns out it reveals a lot.

Figures — in this class there’s one guy I’m drawn to (James O’Leary), one that’s the “guy from afar,” and new creepy middle-aged guy with the balding spot.

It kind of tapped into this defenseless female feeling.  I despise this feeling.  I doubt men really have this — or, at the very least it’s likely in the form of rage or adrenaline.  I’d much prefer that, honestly.  Defenselessness is a crappy feeling.

And…now my temper has gotten me embarrassed in class.  I did this paper, but she changed the assignment so I sighed in exasperation.  She confronted me in front of everyone about it & then proceeded to explain for five minutes that schedules may not allow us all to do it in one day.  She surveyed the class — I was the only one.  But she made note of my predicament and agreed to tell us about the paper the Wednesday the week before it’s due.  Mostly just for me.  Sweet.
9/15/09 – doing homework at Dunkin’ Donuts before going to Juliette’s for dinner
Songs I want:
– “Pictures of you, pictures of me.”
– Falling For You
– Cascada’s new song
– “Sun will set for you”
– New Divide
– “Push the pedal down, watch the world around fly by us”
– “still have my heart”  (maybe — check lyrics)

9/16/09 – in Psychology of Prejudice, ~10:50 a.m.
– out w/ Jule ’till 11:30
– phone w/ Cory ’till 12:30
– bed ~1:30-1:45
– up @ 8:05
– parking lot closed & not enough $ for the meter

(lack of sleep, previous night drinking, anxiety over park, late to class)

Class 1 — fast, difficult material, hard to follow, remember, concentrate

Class 2 — slow to understand

6:50pm – in Environmental History
Creepy guy sitting next to me — he reminds me of that guy that used to work w/my mom — Richard.  Probably because they share the name.

He smells — no, reeks — of smoke.  And he can either read this or my thoughts.  Signing off!

So that’s the stuff I think about during my days.  I keep meaning to write shorter little blurbs like, “found shredded turkey chili. good stuff,” just so I can document the little things that make me happy, but I always fail to.  Maybe this conscious recognition of it will trigger some new habit formation.

As of this moment though, it is a quarter to midnight and I am going to read for the next ten minutes (mostly because I know I’ll never make it past ten).

Side notes!  Finished Clash of Kings! (I wrote that already, didn’t I?)  Class canceled today (Natural Disasters).  Looked up three grad schools/programs I’m going to apply to:

– Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology @ SBU (’cause why leave?)

– M.A. in Clinical Psychology @ Penn State Harrisburg (’cause why stay?)

-Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology @ NOVA Southeastern University (’cause it’s fucking Florida!)


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I like to walk.

Clearly this is something I’m just a fan of, and moreso when I’ve been drinking.  After speaking with Scott tonight, my memory of last Saturday was jostled.  I remember going for the walk now, but what I remember more distinctly was running — which, by the way, would explain the cut on my foot — and not being sure if I was lost or not.  Actually, more like being lost, and getting scared that I was barefoot and drunk running through the streets of Wantagh without my cell phone.  It could not possibly have been with me lest I had used it.

Needless to say, I gave my host the wrong impression, and explained my behavior as both “drunken,” and “easy,” stammering that I had run off in the cab to join Brian because it was familiar and I knew he wouldn’t call the next day, which was exactly what I’d needed.  A shame, really, because not only do I feel like that makes me a lesser person, but I have also given the impression if you get me drunk enough, you can take me home.  Though, in all honesty, I guess Sam proved that one already.  ::barf::

Heh.  So anyways, it’s now 2:30 in the morning, I’ve almost been up 24 hours (it’s more like 19), and I’ve passed the point where I’m super-sleepy.  I had to read through the sleepy to get to the end of Clash of Kings, which, by the way, if you’ve never read it, is one big cliffhanger.   My goal(s) now are to read The Perfect Storm and New Moon, in that order.  Then I will return to the Martin series.

Side note!  My cookies were a smash!  Perfection! Next up: sugar cookies, so I can make fun shaped Christmas ones in a few months.

In other other news I’ve been thinking about cutting the apron strings — no, not of the Lake Success office, which I will be doing in a few weeks regardless of if I want to or not — but of Chris.  I can’t stop, really.  He may not haunt my dreams nearly as much (see: post on Cory dream), but he haunts my thoughts, and my everyday life.  Gmail, Facebook, Goodreads — I don’t want to know what he’s up to, because I know he’s okay.  And though I’m doing what I want to be doing, and enjoying my life best I can in the process, and freeing myself of negative energy, I still can’t stop missing him.  My brain will jump too, like from thoughts of us eating piles of sunflower seeds, licking the BBQ flavor off of one another’s hands, to the tears on his face when I left for the last time in December.  I have to force myself to think of things I shouldn’t have known, or the night at the bar in Chelsea (mind you, hanging out with Vinny blocks away from his job was painful in itself) when I got to hear, “I don’t want to be the guy whose girlfriend is here.”  I have to bring these thoughts to mind just to keep the sad from coming back.  The anger can dominate the sad, but I’m still not sure how to make it permanent. I s’pose he has to do what James did, or what Rob did — betray or severely hurt me.  James is with Salina, Rob is with Liz (which, I’ll have you know, I’m slowly actually coming to terms and am okay with), Brian is a douchebag, as is Sam, and Cory…well, Cory will be my karma.  Y’know, if I’d had any more enemies I would easily pair him up with-  oh for the love of God, he’s going to end up with Lianne.  Jesus H Christ.  And again, I will end up the cat lady.

For now, things aren’t so bad.  I don’t miss sex nearly as much as I thought I would (in all honesty if I missed it more than I despise the awkward of new people, I’d have fixed that problem by now), and I’m so much freer, happier this way.  There is no one to fight with, no one whose feelings need to be considered, and no one to disappoint or frustrate or upset.  But there’s no one to hug either.  There’s no one write little notes for, or clean up after, or complain about to my girlfriends.

But I respect myself.  So much so that I cannot and will not settle.  I have ridiculously high standards, mostly revolving around intelligence, but I will not lower them.  If I have to be single for the rest of my life, I will.  I swear to this.

You know what? I think tired delirium has taken over.  I’m not even entirely sure what I’m saying anymore.  Hope I don’t regret this post in the morning…

…and yes, I’m sober.

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Linda (‘s Day) Trip(p)

I don’t think I have vocabulary in me tonight, folks.  I’m dead tired.  It’s a quarter to midnight, and I should be out cold within the hour.  After getting very little sleep last night (mind you, I never did get that nap in), I got up at 7:30 to race to see Tracy, who chopped all my hair off.  Photo:

Alas! Short, red hair.

Surprise! Short haircut!

So then I stopped home (to take this photo), showed mom the new ‘do’ and then headed to work.  I was a smidgen silly at work, but I attribute that to my lack of sleep and new hairstyle.  After work I had intended on getting an oil change, but alas, I had neglected to bring my $5 off coupon, and shit- 5 bucks in 5 bucks, so I’ll go tomorrow.  Instead, I headed to the Island of Coney to spend some time by myself and eventually see the show Ricky AD’ed, “Tally Ho!”  I got there around 4, so I parked and started walking the Boardwalk.  I made it all the way to the end, West 36th Street.  Then I trotted down to the actual shore, and walked to Brighton along the water’s edge.  It was quite amazing.  I watched people, children and couples mostly, have utter fun, which was nice to see.  I realized there is a lot of trash on that beach.  I also realized there is no weight limit to which a woman will wear a bikini; but I don’t think this a bad thing–it signifies that women are not ashamed of their bodies, and that’s damn confident of them.  Though I must admit, some of them should just know when to go one-piece.  Oddly enough, it didn’t seem disgusting or appalling.  Maybe it was my good mood, or the mixture of elements, but it just seemed natural.

When I made my way back up to the boardwalk, I grabbed some roasted corn and continued to walk all the way to the other end (Brighton 15).  By then my legs were hurting, but I didn’t stop.  I actually paused to check out the Boardwalk map and list of events, when a stranger rode up on his bicycle after sharing a smile with me.  He asked if I needed directions, and before long we were in a ten-minute conversation about everything in my life.  Quite odd, if I do say so.  I didn’t ask anything, really, about him, but he just kept posing questions, and I just kept answering them.  He wanted to get a drink, but I begged off, to go be a tourist and also to find Ricky.  Vito seemed nice enough, but he was a little old, and a little defensive, often claiming to have understood what I meant when I had proceeded to clarify.  It seemed like I was insulting his intelligence, or so he would have me believe.  Anyway, I think I’m still too screwed up for dating, ’cause I’m just not interested in it.

Turns out Ricky had texted me anyway, so I hustled to find him after gawking at the handball players (all men, all cut, mostly young).  I don’t want to date, but I sure do want to … um, look.  Heh.  Anyway, I found Ricky, we chatted, and I went off in search of food (and beer), both of which, fortunately, could be purchased concomitantly at Nathans! I headed back to the picnic tables by the pseudo-stage that was being set up, and read a few pages of Clash while waiting for the show to start.  The show, by the way, was absolutely amazing; a little bit of finance, a little bit of humor, a little bit of history, a little bit of cornball — a smash!

Upon our parting, I told Ricky that I was interested in riding the Cyclone, and he explained he was not.  Part of it was the trace of beer left in my system; the other part was my desire to do things for the first time alone.  I oscillated in front of the roller coaster trying to make a decision.  I spoke to a woman outside whose two sons were on the ride, and she told me to just go for it.  I checked the price of the coaster: $8.00, then I checked the cash in my wallet: $8 in singles.  I let Arya’s, “fear cuts deeper than swords,” make the ultimate choice for me, and I paid the lady the cash, got my ticket and knew there was no turning back.

My first real roller coaster ride ever was the Astroland Cyclone.  This has made me tremendously proud, though a little saddened it’s been this long and I’ve never been on a roller coaster.  I feel as though getting used to it as a kid would make handling it in my adult life much simpler.  Now I have to learn to love them.  Right now I’m just…victorious in conquering one.  If you were to ask me how it went, I would probably answer with, “I have no idea.”  I don’t really know.  I was alone, it was dark, and it was an old wooden coaster.  I can’t imagine many are like it, but at least I’m not a virgin anymore (the one at Boomers soooo does not count).

I didn’t stick around for the fireworks show, partly because I forgot and they started at 10, as I was getting into my car,  but ultimately I didn’t need to.  I had accomplished enough for one day, beginning with changing my hairstyle and ending with my first roller coaster ride (the Cyclone!!!! I still can’t get over it!).

At present I would consider closing with vocabulary, but that seems an awful mundane way to end an exciting accomplished blog.  I know!  I’ll do that .5 day that I was saving for the end…this seems better a time than that, honestly.

1. pusillanimous — cowardly; faint-hearted. Pussy.  (EASY!)

2. recant — to formally withdraw one’s belief. Theoretically, I already know this.  But I’ll throw in that one would withdraw their belief if they can’t defend it.

3. exacerbate — to make more sharp or severe; to make worse. Thank you, vocabulary gods.

4. obdurate — stubborn. To oppose for a duration.  Stubborn.

5. wary — very cautious. FTW!

6. quiescence — being quiet or still; inactive. I read this in Clash last night, but I can’t recall the context.  I taught it to myself that way, but I didn’t remember it tonight, so I guess I fail at that method.  I thought something about quiet science as being inactive.  I don’t see why that’s still not a decent memory tool.

7. forestall — to prevent by taking action in advance. Um. This one kind of defines itself, yeah?  Fore = before.  Stall = hold up/prevent.

8. volatile — changeable. I change the tiles in my kitchen periodically.  Changing tiles?

9. qualm — misgivings; uneasy fears. Huh.  I always took it to mean more of a disturbance or uneasiness.  But I guess I will have to force fear into that definition o’ mine.

All right; that’s all for now.  I have got to put my head on a pillow immediately.

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Vocabulary, Day OMGisitGREtimeyet?

After all but dying in the 95 degrees yesterday, I decided to stay a day at my dad’s (that plus having been away over the weekend & not having been able to see my brother), so now I’m freezing.  Heh.  But it’s much easier to curl up under a blanket than it is to sit in front of an oscillating fan and not move.

I have about 150 words to study, and Im’a look into a few days in Maine (maybe Sunday – Tuesday, so I can still see the family and if work lets me take the days), but first, let’s add some more:

1. cognizant — aware; taking notice. Thankfully, I’ve taken Cognitive Psychology and thus was forced to learn this word.

2. craven — cowardly. Maybe the “nevermore” raven was at the door ’cause he was hiding.  Hey, ya never know.

3. impugn — to assail with arguments or accusations. There’s that “pug” root again.  So I might not be able to recall the accusations portion, but I will certainly know it’s to fight.

4. astute — keen; wise. I had to learn this once (SAT word?), so I linked astute student.  But I kinda like “ast-hoot” and the wise old owl connection.

5. bombastic — using inflated language; pompous.  “They call me Mr. Pompous; ain’t it fontostic…”  Thank you, Shaggy, for being a pompous douchebag.

6. divest — to strip; to deprive. Strip off a vest? *wink, wink*  That should do the trick.

7. impecunious — having no money; broke. I wish saying that I was impecunious would be good enough, but I don’t think it would be.  I could think I went to a CUNY school ’cause I had no money.  Yeah, ha, that’ll work.

8. veracious — truthful. Verifiably correct.  OR Vera Wang is a truthful person.  Preferably the former.

9. verbiage — use of many words. Like, verbatim?  Verbs? Yeah, that should be simple enough.

10. verbose — wordy. Well that was fortunately quite coincidental.

11. proclivity — natural inclination. Clivity….climbing?  InCLINation?  Um, sure!

12. prodigious — immense; enormous. It’s so big, it’s a prodigy!

13. profound — deep; not superifcial. Already known. Yippee!

14. proliferate — to grow rapidly. Instead of Multiplicity, they should have called that movie Proliferation.

15. propensity — natural inclination. So, uh, like proclivity?

Okay, it’s 1 a.m. and I need to brush up on all bajillion of these words and get to bed before, say, 3.  My plan for the next few days (since I’m having trouble keeping it all together in my head, and even in my planner) is as follows:

– sleep past everyone leaving (but find out what to do with the alarm and dogs)
– pick up my prescription at the Miller Place CVS circa 10:30 a.m.
– stop by Janine’s to change how her PC saves downloads and new documents
– work from around 12-4 (while there: check Stony Brook Hospital’s visiting hours, address my check to Dr. Watsky’s office, check about more days off and get in touch with Sue re: meeting)
– visit step-gramma at SB hospital ’till around 5
– stop at the bank (deposit & grab $20 bucks)
– go to Sue’s at 6 for our meeting
– call Jule and/or Cory (try to plan a girl’s movie night with Lynn and Jule)
– when I get home (say 9/9:30-ish), look into some schools and do some vocab.  after that, free for all until bedtime.

– laundry at 9:30 a.m.
– work 10:30 to 2:30 (which means leave at 3, ’cause that’s how it works in Lake Success–plus, I clean 2:30 to 3)
– take in laundry at 5
– do GRE studying most of the night (can also clean up part of the basement as a substitution, or, hell, do both)
– email all of my teachers about the first day of school
– look into potential Maine stuff
– go to bed before 2!  (have to be up at 7:30 on Friday!)

– 8:00 a.m. I chop all my hair off (well, most of it)
– work 9:30 to 1:30
– oil change at 2
– Coney Island 3:30 – 9
– more Maine booking/looking into

Saturday I’m going to my dad’s.  I was thinking of bringing some food presents for my dad and Lynn on Saturday, but it’d be a lot of driving, so it’s still a maybe (but a good chance).  I’ll have to pack, and I’m also going to get any remaining RA work done on Saturday and do some GRE studying (and look into more schools, provided I haven’t completely finished doing that, which I likely won’t be).  This way Sunday I can just relaaaaax, and maybe stay over again.  I’d like to make some headway in Clash of Kings again, as I’m only like 165 pages in.

I feel like I’m missing something, but I guess if I remember it, I can always write it down somewhere.  Ugh, I need another list!

For now? Back to Futurama and Slingo.  Oh yeah, and studying vocabulary.  Not sure I’ll have the time to look into Maine stuff anymore.  Oh well!  Shame I’m such a huge napper!  And good thing I’ve no real obligations (yet).  😉

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