Here’s the thing about “Friends From College”…

…it’s not inaccurate. Several people on Twitter are saying the characters are exaggerated representations of non-functioning adults, and maybe that’s true, but it’s also kind of on point. I’m happy to pretend–in fact I spend a solid portion of my life pretending–that everything that happens in that show isn’t reflective of real life. The (sad?) truth is that it *is* real, and people who have an immediate angry and/or defensive reaction to the characters and their flaws are probably more in denial of the facts of the human condition than anything else. I also think it’s important to note that, yes, the characters can be assholes at times, and when together with one another they make choices that are reflective of who they were twenty years prior, but again–this is not an unrealistic experience. Further, they truly and honestly suffer from the push-pull of “growing up” and having a different life versus clinging to a time in their lives where they were invincible. I don’t care what you say (aloud), everyone has this internal battle, at different levels of conscious thought. So react however you choose about “Friends From College,” but the bottom line is that it’s pretty “woke” and if it gets canceled, that would just be more proof that the world isn’t ready to open their eyes and see one another for who we really are.


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