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That Diner/NY Breakfast Sammy Life

Howdy. I’ve decided to start a project to leave hanging (I say this half in truth and half in jest). I’d like to believe that I’m going to pursue this diner-tour plan that I have in my head, but let’s be honest–ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

This idea started with a Worcester Reddit thread about takeout breakfast sandwiches (NY deli style) that got trapped in the back of my mind. They don’t really have NY-style delis around Worcester, but you can turn any of the regular ol’ diners into just that by placing a to-go order.  In my last year and half here, I’ve definitely been to a few of the diners (Boulevard, Miss Worcester, Lou Roc’s, Dinky’s, Gold Star, Cafe Manzi’s back when it had its own home, Parkway, Mac’s, and probably even a few others I haven’t thought of…like that creepy MAGA one in Leicester), but never with a specific purpose. Today, having continued to excel on my New Year Resolution-based diet, I felt the urge to seek out a NY-comparative breakfast sandwich and based on my success, had no trouble rewarding myself with the adventure.

I was actually looking to go to Gold Star but couldn’t remember the name of it. After a quick in-transit Google search (I know, I know; terrible plan, even at red lights), I thought the Edgemere Diner (by photo) looked a little like Gold Star from the inside. I was very wrong, but I think it was worth it.

The Edgemere Diner is actually just outside of Worcester in Shrewsbury, but I’m including it because it’s only about 0.2 miles outside of it. I actually almost wound up living just on that border, but somehow landed my current apartment instead and for comparative cost, am much happier to be where I am. Anyway, Edgemere turned out to be a dining car diner, so rather than turn around and head in the very opposite direction to go back to my original plan, I stayed.

When I walked in there were three male employees behind the counter, one patron at the counter, and two occupied tables–one a duo of females, the other a trio of males. I was greeted with a “what’s going on today?” and an offer for a beverage. I felt welcome, but I also felt a little creeped out, which I attributed more to being a single female in an establishment that appeared owned and operated by males. It seemed as though they were just being friendly, genuine, etc., and I interpreted that in a way that my history and experiences have framed things. So I digress. The diner itself, however, was awesome–clean for a train car diner, very pink, full of formica and chrome(?), and came with its own back story, which is reported on the menu (fun fact: it was born & raised in NJ and formerly known as the Englewood Diner). The menu looks like it was originally hand-written (neatly), copied, and laminated, which is another cool little feature whether it was actually created that way or not.


I ordered my *BEC (with well done bacon) and a coffee. I wasn’t offered anything else (e.g., hash browns), even though a table that had walked in as I was finishing up my meal was offered the side dish. I have to say the sandwich was good. The roll was obviously different than a classic NY poppyseed kaiser roll, and it seemed as though it was a lightly toasted and buttered brioche bun, but it wasn’t so different that it took the diner out of the running for a comparative NY breakfast sammy. Everything else was perfect–crisp fried eggs, sliced American cheese, and an appropriate portion of well-done bacon. If I ignored the roll (and maybe doubled the egg & bacon because NY is the oversized portion capital), it was like being home. I was pleasantly surprised.

My total came to $7.50 and I paid cash, so I’m still unsure if they accept credit. My entire time in the establishment was probably 30 minutes, if that. I think the sandwich itself took less than 5 minutes from my order to being set down in front of me. Like many of the local diners, Edgemere is only open until 2 most days (12 on Sundays), so if you want a chance to form your own opinion about their ambiance, staff, food, etc., it’ll take a slight commitment to working around those hours. In terms of meeting the classic NY-style breakfast sandwich, for the moment (and as the first rating on an arbitrary system I just made up now), it’s earned a 3.75/5. This may ultimately be amended as I venture to other locales. Stay tuned! (But don’t hold your breath, since this could easily become a half-baked idea!)

*if you don’t know that BEC = bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, then you probably don’t need to be reading this particular post  😉


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