Oh, hello.

Miss me, readers I don’t have? Nah, it’s cool, I get it. This is more for me than anything else anyway. If I don’t chronicle my life it’s like it didn’t happen.

For that reason I’ve chosen not to write about dudes all that much right now. Sometimes I forget why I enjoy being single and I am reminded when on vacation by myself, choosing to do whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want or I remember when I have conversations with other singles who say they’d just like to live their life however and want it to work with someone else’s…but of course then I’m like, “OMFGWTFBBQ LET’S TRY IT!” Derp.

I have noticed that when I go a little girl-cray over a boy all I really need is a few weeks and then BAM! My early-onset Alzheimer’s kicks in and I’m like, “who? Oh yeah, I kinda remember that dude.” Trying to use this shitty memory to my advantage, and so far so good. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me.

SO I’m having an awesome day/night and I want to remember it. I got a ride from my almost-not-anymore roommate at 5:30 a.m. to Boston Logan airport, which I’d never been to before, and hopped on a plane to West Palm Beach to stay at Barbara & Chris’ place in Lake Worth. Got to check my bag at the gate for free, which was SUPER helpful since my doc told me to actually use my words and ask someone to put my luggage in the overhead bin (lifting things over my head will not help my back heal). Everything went relatively smoothly–uneventful flight, in-flight wi-fi, got a little work done, actually stopped myself from getting an alcoholic beverage on the flight (little girl is growing up so fast!), and the only hitch was, of course, the excruciating pain in my ears and residual hearing loss. I raced to baggage claim but grabbed my rental car first, which was smarter than I realized because everyone else did it in the opposite order and I heard the line was ridic. So now I get to cruise around in the LOWEST CAR TO THE GROUND EVER MADE– I’m sorry, I mean a Mazda 3–for mad cheap (thanks, Costco!). Anyway, I hit up the Publix on my way to the house and was pretty stocked with groceries and beer by the time I got here. Cracked a Shock Top and jumped in the pool for a quick “hell yes, pool!” swim and then came back in to settle in. I noticed they got one of those Amazon Alexa things, so I asked her to play pop music and she immediately opened with “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars (“Today I don’t feel like doing anything…”), which totally lifted my already-soaring mood even higher. That makes today pretty much about chillaxin’. I ate most of the “all-dressed” chips (P.S. WTF?! I thought this was a Canada only thing–SCORE!) and drank four beers. I swam/lounged for a few hours. I tried to figure out how to steal the neighbor’s “Drumpf” sign. I passed the fuck out (from the beer? from the fact that I only had 4 hours of sleep last night? who cares?) and when I awoke (to a phone call I didn’t answer from my father’s (ex?)bff), I watched Netflix and scrolled through local Facebook events that I might want to go to (Orlando vigils, food truck events, spoken word stuff, etc.).

My intention tonight is to get a rough idea of the weather and what I might try to tackle each day I’m here (e.g., DEFINITELY Jupiter on Father’s Day–because that’s where my dad got arrested–do you think they’ll let me thank the JPD?) and watch more Netflix and drink more beer (or some of Chris’ stashed liquor) and eat more snacks. And maybe play some video games. And who knows, maybe I’ll even go for a midnight swim. This is so kickass. And now it lives as long as WordPress’ servers remain active. 😉


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