Detox February, Day 1: The Hangover

I can’t guarantee I’ll make it all the way through February, but if I don’t…maybe I have a bigger problem. Anyway, today was rough, but I think that’s because Detox February Eve was essentially me drinking all of the beer I had left in the fridge and then doing a few shots of rum, thinking I could also kill that bottle too. (I couldn’t.) So I went to work late (an insane 9:30!) and only made it through to 6. I had to nap after I ate dinner and then I woke up just to clean the floors/carpets since it was my weekend to do it and I’d done everything but that last night. Now it’s just after 11 and I’m basically ready to go back to sleep. So today was a sleepy day overall, but it wasn’t a challenge in terms of not drinking. Knowing I can’t really makes me want to though, and then Rob’s words echo in my head…Linda wants what she can’t have (which I think makes me the J.D. in my weird relationship with Kajal). ❤


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