60 days later…

It took 2 months, but I finally found a drawback to having a roommate. Tomorrow I am slated for a 7-hour training followed immediately by my first meeting with a family. My roommate decided that 7:30 p.m. was a good bedtime last night and has therefore been up since 3:30 in the morning. It is now 5:30. This would not be so bad if he just decided to chill on the couch and watch some Netflix, but alas…he has decided to rebuild Stonehenge in our living room, or at least that’s how it sounds at 4 in the morning. Apparently, he’s moving the large structures from the bathroom, past my door, which needs to be slightly ajar for the catface to have free reign of the apartment, down the hallway to the living room. What. The. Fuck. How does he not think I am awake and listening to every move he makes, every cough, every dish he (so thankfully!) finally transferred to the dishwasher, every item he moves to the closet in front of my door. For two hours–TWO HOURS–I have had to lose sleep so he could be responsible at an odd time due to being irresponsible. This is the epitome of bittersweet. And I’ve determined that I would prefer a messy apartment over losing this much sleep. What a way to learn that new information… dude, GO TO BED, or at least SIT THE FUCK DOWN. Just go on Facebook like the rest of us, PLEASE.


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