Enough already.

Here is a list of things to come back to as needed:

  1. Turn off location services. (Check!) Now keep it off.
  2. Party. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and hell, even Monday. Then STOP.
  3. Be a better you. Stop worrying about who you might run into and GO DOWNSTAIRS TO THE GYM. It may even be a good thing to run into avoided folk.
  4. Practice more mindfulness. Thoughts on clouds, or as leaves on a stream, but for the love of all things good and holy, get them OUT.
  5. Get busy. The best days were the ones that entailed things like hiking and yoga. Remember which places to stay away from.
  6. Keep the peoples around. Roommate time is fun time, but he’s not always around. Have a backup plan.
  7. Do the Meetup thing. Don’t let fear win.
  8. Pick a bagel. Just try it, even if only once.
  9. Honesty is always the best policy, so focus on the truth and not the excuse when confronted.
  10. Never. Settle.

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