Impulsive, yet practical, shopper.

As I was walking between offices today, a mere three blocks apart, I wandered into I. Goldberg, the army/navy store on the direct route from one building I work in to the next. With “Wild” still fresh in my mind I first thought about purchasing a new tactical-style backpack. While in the store, I thought about buying a water bag to carry in my Camelback-equipped North Face backpack. What I wound up walking away with, however, was a tarp and a brand new $55 3-person tent. Several people remarked that it was “cool” that I was going camping. Excited by my new adventure plan, I got home just shy of midnight and decided to try it out. Here’s how that went.


Now my cat wants to live in it and I don’t feel like going through the work to break it down. I wonder just how long it will live next to my bed, mostly blocking the easiest route to the bedroom door and thus making my live significantly more difficult. But, really, taking it apart seems like a lot of work at this hour. The fun part has ceased. 😉


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