Travels of a broke grad student on interviews, part 4.

Greetings from the very cold depths of West Haven, CT where I am crashing for the evening in preparation for tomorrow’s exciting adventure in Interviewland. I am semi-settled in a FOAM mattress that sinks just about anywhere I place some pressure. I’m tempted to fill a glass with wine, place it on one half of the bed, and jump on the other because THAT INFOMERCIAL. “Does not transfer motion!”

Anyway, my travels tonight were not exciting; however, they were fast-paced. I ate some very exciting new buffalo chicken mac and cheese from Wawa for dinner and bought $2.08/gallon gas in Jersey. I was afraid I wouldn’t hear from my host, who I didn’t actually hear from until I was parked in what I hoped was the correct parking lot and knocking on what I hoped was the correct door. Turns out I was right, but it was a series of lucky events that led me there.

Dave was a huge help. He wished me safe travels while I was mid-travel and was kind of my support system/comic relief for the remainder of the trip. I kind of floated here; I dissociated for sure. I was in Philadelphia in one moment and in another I was turning off of I-95 in West Haven and circling the block because I initially had the address wrong and thought I was being scammed.

But I did, in fact, arrive, and I took some snaps to prove it…and maybe make me feel a little less alone in a stranger’s home, again. I definitely feel less welcome here, but I think it’s more a function of a cheaper place in a less nice neighborhood by a host that is sonewhat culturally different from myself. I’m okay with it all, but the thing I thought she might have for me was a towel, and all she appeared to lay out for me was a hand towel. I may be in for an interesting shower adventure in the morning.

The heat makes A LOT of noise, but it just sounds like my mother’s house. I’m happy to have found an inexpensive place to crash only 10 minutes from New Haven. I will still be sleeping with my knife and mace, but I don’t feel I will need either. Again, I really hope I remember to take them with me!


While driving, somewhere between NJ and CT (so…NY?) I realized quite suddenly that I had packed everything I needed except something to wear in between my feet and my shoes with my heels (so socks wouldn’t cut it). I remembered socks; socks weren’t a problem. Stockings or knee-highs, however, are greatly lacking. I also managed to forget my melatonin, which is why I’m writing this post at 2 a.m.


The good news is that I’ve located a local Rite Aid that will hopefully have something to wear so I don’t have to lose a foot to the 8-degree weather tomorrow. In light of the Cold, So Very Very Cold (CSVVC)…I was just enlightened to a Facebook post that I was unaware had occurred. It brought a reminiscent smile to my face and warm fuzzies (lord knows I’ll take any form of warmth at this point) from a former life from which I had just #tbt’ed a business card on IG. In a world…where each of us controlled our own country…yeah, it doesn’t make much sense. But it was a fun way to get through the workday at that time and it’s actually quite entertaining to look back on and giggle. My nickname was Duh. I’m going to pretend it was ironically because I’m not stupid, but in reality it’s because it’s the second syllable of my name and somehow that stuck.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.35.03 AM

Duhbouti’s kind of responsible for all of the bad in the world (except the CSVVC). I don’t know how that happened, but it’s definitely some Freudian repressed shit going on in there that I have long since had to deal with. Speaking of, it is now officially January 8th and I’d like to send a huge DIAF to my father, whose birthday it also just happens to be. Cheers!


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