Travels of a broke grad student on interviews, part 3.

Parts 1 and 2 were not uneventful,  they just weren’t after the new year, wherein I decided with my awful memory it may be best to return to chronicling some of my experiences. Since I’ve started this new year traveling across four states, and getting back to sleep in a stranger’s Airbnb bed is unlikely at this juncture, hello there.

Part 1 consisted of a journey all of an hour outside of my home and included fun food and drinks such as a big girl Red Bull and half of a Wawa turkey sausage, egg white, and cheese (on a bagel, which just defeats the purpose of all of the healthier components to that sandwich).

Part 2 was much more fun and interesting. I stayed in Boston (okay, in Randolph) with one of my besties and got to hang out with her the night before, drove about an hour and a half the next morning in Massachusetts for my interview, and then napped while I waited for my friend to get home. Then I had the opportunity to have dinner with a friend I had made at my last externship in 2013-2014 (and meet her husband and roll around on the floor with her dog) and have a beer in the bar that was the original inspiration for Cheers with the bestie.



I was lucky enough to sleep in the next day and leave at my leisure,  which allowed me to finally see what this Louis Lunch place was all about.


I never thought I could enjoy a medium rare burger served only with the option of tomatoes and/or onions on white toast but I completely and totally did. Their potato salad was also ridiculously delicious.


I met two lovely guys out front while I took my picture of the building, though it was supposed to be a selfie, who had disagreeing opinions on the deliciousness of the fare. They were from New Haven, so maybe I’ll see them again when I return next week for part 4, though it won’t be at Louis Lunch since they’re closed through the month.

Part 3 has certainly been beautiful. I intentionally drove through VT for the simple reason that I never had. I stopped in Brattleboro at a Korean/Japanese spot that not only came recommended but was also open on New Years Day. Amazing sushi though there was a bit of a wait for it. When I left, I ran into a man and his son(?) on the street who asked me if anything was open nearby to eat. I pointed and described the sushi joint. They seemed excited. Already a “local” and I haven’t even interviewed yet.

The drive through New Hampshire was one of the most gorgeous drives I’ve ever taken. I took 20 pictures but none of them do it any justice. It wasn’t until I came to a lake just after sunset that I absolutely had to get out and take a few photos.



This is only about 2 miles from the place I’m staying, which, incidentally, is my first Airbnb experience alone. Yes, I’m sleeping with the door locked and a knife under my pillow..fortunately, I feel safe here. I think I’ve actually been spoiled and the 2 places I’m staying next week will not be as beautiful as this place. It’s an old meeting house renovated new but with some of the old structure still exposed. The house is kept kind of cold, but the blankets are heavy and amazing. My host recommended some dinner places, so I wound up “ironically” drinking a Curious Traveler at The Common Man.


I stopped at CVS on my way back because I had clearly forgotten shampoo and conditioner (and hair doesn’t stay this red using sulfate-ridden shapmpoo). I came so close to buying one of my favorite (screw top) wines at CVS just because I could.


I imagine the interview would be very different had I made that purchase.

And now, at 5:30 a.m. and after only 5 hours of sleep, I have hopefully distracted myself enough from the sad event that woke me so thoroughly an hour ago when I accidentally dropped my phone down the side of the bed.  That’s what I get for sleeping with my phone though. I told myself I wouldn’t have any communication with anyone (I have an emotional connection to) who couldn’t understand or effectively communicate with me, but I broke that vow tonight. At least it wasn’t with the one who shat on my Christmas Eve. I’ve thankfully kept my silence there with a little help from a Manhattan and the company of good people. But that’s another story.

I shall now attempt another hour of sleep, so that I might remain awake through tomorrow’s four hours of interview and 5-6 hour drive back to the Isle of Long.

Happy New Year, all! XOXO


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