9 Positively Uplifting Reasons Why 27 is NOT Your Crisis Year

A somewhat sarcastic (albeit rather accurate) response to the Thought Catalog article “9 Depressingly Real Reasons Why 27 Is Your Crisis Year.”

1. You are in control of your thoughts and therefore your emotions and behavior. When you wake up on your 27th birthday, in your “late 20s” embrace that shit. You now have the opportunity to laugh your bad choices off with your other late-20s (and dare I say early-30s) friends, instead of being scoffed at for being so young and stupid. Don’t clutch desperately to your youth. Accept that there are other amazing stages in your life.

2. Your parents should always be there for you to help you, even when you’re 40–especially when you’re 40. They are your family, and even though sometimes families suck, those that can support you, will. Further, you’ve expanded your network of help if you have any siblings or other close family members that are now also in their late 20s. If your parents cut you off in your late 20s, well then they suck. But at least you can rely on friends and (other) family!

3. You are only as old as you choose to feel. If you feel older(er) when you hit 27, do a Daily Thought Record or something. Challenge your negative beliefs, because you are letting yourself feel that way. Congratulations, “becoming an adult” also means you get control! Welcome to the club!

4. SOME of your social network is getting engaged. Definitely not “everyone you know.” And likely less than a quarter of the people you know. Think like that and of COURSE you’ll feel old and pathetic.

5. SOME of your social network is getting married. Again, play the numbers game to realize that it’s actually just a few people posting 7,000,000,000 photos between the dozen of them.

6. If all of your married friends are pregnant, consider yourself the luckiest friend ever! Now you get to play with other people’s babies, give them back, and enjoy your freedom from being tethered to a small person that needs you for absolutely everything. Hooray you’re still young! They, however, are trapped.

7. I don’t know why we’re reiterating points 4 and 5 again as point 7, but it appears we are. Here’s an aside: if you actually get all upset and emotional looking at Facebook friends’ pictures of their weddings and engagements, you can always unfollow them (and stay friends). OR you could acknowledge that you really never liked Becky from high school anyway and grow into keeping Facebook friends that are actually friends. Your call–you know, as an ADULT.

8. Guess what happens when you turn 30? Nothing. You continue to live as you were at 27, and 28, and 29. You are afraid and depressed FOR NO REASON.

9. Life is a work in progress. You don’t suddenly stop learning about life because you hit your late 20s. Instead, you develop an amazing level of insight. You find that you are more open, more honest, and you keep company that you enjoy rather than feel the need to humor. You get to learn about the REAL you. This is exciting, guys!


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