When bedtime is before midnight.

This was originally written on 7/20 and somehow never made it out of the “draft” stage. So now it looks like I wrote it on 7/28 and that’s just a bunch of bullshit. Stupid WordPress. Or drunk Linda.

I just spent $1.29 on a song that was popular in the dance world seven years ago because the part that goes, “if these walls could talk, they would have nothing to tell” and the bridge that has the most emotionality both lyrically and musically and says, “…or could it be, that the stranger is me, have I changed so drastically, is it I want more for me, and you remain the same?” has made me fall back into the crying mess I thought I left behind in NY a few hours ago.

“He would adore me; he wouldn’t ignore me…so I’m convinced there’s a stranger in my house.” But there isn’t. He’s nowhere near my house. Or maybe that stranger is me.

I want me back.

But no worries, now I can listen to it anywhere and anytime I want to. Thanks, iTunes and stupid financial decisions while fucked up.

I love to get 2 on. (The song following it in iTunes.) True story though, these days. “Get faded, turn up, pour it on up ’til I can’t even think no more.”

You know, I used to think hip hop was a great way to not think. Guess I got too involved. Fuck.



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