Earthquake jokes aside.

I get it; we’re all making fun of the East coast (and especially Virginians) because they freaked out over a 5.9 earthquake that wasn’t even from a plate fault. I posted a funny picture. I laughed a little too. But every time I see that photo of those people scared out of their minds, two emotions are evoked. First, mortality salience-related fear that I have experienced but twice in my life-once on 9/11 and the other yesterday. While we all stood around talking about who felt what and where (to determine the origin of the earth’s quiver), I noticed how calm and beautiful the day was and how dissonant that felt from what was going on. Sure sure, it was minor for us PA residents, but having never experienced anything of the sort, it was a new and real situation. And unpredictable. Maybe what I felt was a form of low-key terror, considering it’s the second time in thirty years I’ve felt that way. Needless to say, earthquakes aren’t really anything to fuck around with, and they’re one of the main reasons I would never live on the West coast. Those guys don’t blink when a huge 8.0 earthquake rolls through. They wait it out and go about their day (if they wait it out at all). So “wah” on us lame-ass East-coasters. Shame on us for freaking out about something that would actually be terrifying for someone not desensitized to it.

Which brings me to my second evoked emotion: disgust. We’re a human race, people. I’m dismayed at how many of us don’t have a humanitarian molecule in our body. Jokes are fine, especially considering how calming humor is, but when you pair a picture of people running out of buildings screaming because they’re afraid and then poke fun, I want to punch you in your disrespectful face. I hope you get mugged at gunpoint and you shit your pants so someone from the ghetto can take a picture of it and caption it with “what a pussy” because they live that shit on a daily basis and you got scared. You girl. 

Oh, and one last thought: part of me would like a volcano to erupt so that people who live just outside the radius of the molten lava could say, “damn, I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to feel lava.” You didn’t feel the earthquake? Good. Me either, but I’m not going to whine about it.

Edit: I have two blogs — one for people to know about and one where I complain about every little thing that annoys me (and there are many). This might have been more appropriate for that second one. 


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