New apartment, Day 1.

Day 1, if you don’t count actual moving day (Friday), was full of…well, wasps. One in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and a nest in the window frame in the hallway window outside my door.

Lucky for me, the woman who lived in my apartment and moved to the first floor two years ago had lived here for thirty years. She and her poison-free flying insect spray came upstairs and combated the problem with Stefan. Between the two of them, my windows are sealed up (where the air conditioners are) and the nest is gone. Then we caulked a hole in the living room window frame outside that Comcast must have made.

So far today there don’t appear to be any wasps, but I was still in bed at this time yesterday and hadn’t yet discovered any.

Today’s adventure? Internet and cable. We’ll see what the tech says (and I’ll be surprised if he shows up in his 1-3pm window). More later!


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