Doogie post #6.

Social networking has made it so easy for the whole world to know your business. Usually, sites like Twitter & Facebook are used to boast — hey, look at this thing I cooked! OMG so proud of my son/daughter/cat/dog/chinchilla! My boyfriend is amazing! — but sometimes we use it to tell our internet friends (and acquaintances, and people we met at a mutual friend’s party once) that we’re sad or we’re having a tough time with something. I think we think that’s what we need–support from everyone we know because more comments = more convincing and feels like more people care. But really all that’s necessary is someone you trust. The whole world doesn’t need to know what you’re going through all the time. Other people in general don’t always need to know what you’re going through. Sometimes support can’t be found with a social networking site or an email or even a phone call–sometimes it’s inside yourself.


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