Doogie post #5.

The past two days have brought with them those semi-recurring feelings I’m not particularly fond of. I’ve refrained from bringing them up because they never pan out to the perfectionist standards I’ve created to compare them to. I was hoping this post would reflect an “AHA!” moment, Doogie-style (see what I did there?), so that I could say how waiting it out works every time, but so far no luck. Instead, I’m going to say that although communication is key, it might not be absolutely necessary when emotions teeter on excessively sensitive and time may just be the answer, albeit more time than a Doogie 24-hours. Today might not be my day for feeling better. Tomorrow might not either. But if I have faith in it happening, it’s bound to eventually. Right?

Also, Happy Birthday NPH! I must include this photo because (1) it’s applicable considering the past two emotional days (I’m awesome, even if it’s not always reinforced), and  (2) Duh. Doogie.

Happy Birthday, NPH!



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