It’s all you need.

I realized tonight the common thread between all of those late-night (that are also on earlier, while I’m homeworking) shows I’m so addicted to: Happy Days, The Wonder Years, Doogie Houser, M.D., and especially Family Ties (okay, maybe not Batman). It’s love. Each of those shows is built on respect and love in families. Together, problems were solved, revenge was non-existent and peace & love were themes. Maybe my inner hippie is calling out, but that easily explains why I’m so drawn to these programs. Maybe it’s just that I never had those things. Maybe it’s just that they’re so familiar since they’re from my childhood. Maybe it’s just that they’re so corny. But really, I love them for what they represent. I don’t know what changed over time to make programming these days about violence and/or GTL and celebrities dancing, but what we really need in this world is a little less focus on the bullshit and a little more focus on what we all have in common: the ability to love – selfless, whole-hearted, like-your-grandmother-meant-it, pure love.

Maybe what we need in the world isn’t more of a focus on it, but more of it.


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