Good news and bad news.

The good news is there was nothing too terrible on the computer in the first place, save for some dream and some feelings I thankfully rationalized away (and should have updated since then since they were rather fleeting!) and a few defense mechanisms that will no longer be effective due to their likelihood of now being known. The bad news is things were read. There was a bit of a privacy breach.

It’s funny, ’cause computers are the one thing of other people that I never touch (‘except one time when I knew they wouldn’t be able to figure it out, and that was a lonnnnng time ago). Handwritten stuff is another story, but I’ve been pretty good about that one this time around. I think I’m just scarred though. What I learned the first time I took just a peek at personal information conditioned a nausea at cracking open a boyfriend’s Moleskine forever. I’d really just rather not know. I’m not even sure why I continued to do it that time; probably because it was the only way to know the truth and I was hoping it would turn in my favor.

But now? I wonder what information is out there. Not that it really makes that much of a difference, because none of it was terrible (thankfully). And I could have known more, but I’m the idiot that re-opened everything that could have been incriminating (or was interesting), changing the “last opened” date to tonight…on all except a few documents that really had nothing to do with anything (why was my notes for the final opened?!)ย  I mean really, though, if you want to know what something says, just ask me. I’m very likely to just tell you.

I’m going to be a good girl and keep my hands and eyes to myself, despite my urges. I’m also going to start writing on paper and hiding things I don’t want anyone else to read. ‘Cause now I wonder about my journals too.


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