So my first Philly bike ride took place tonight. I finally lugged that thing here from NY and filled the tires when I got situated. Seeing as I had to be at Amanda’s at 9:30 and she lives on the other side of Manayunk, I thought why not? Having ridden some other time in the past eight months probably would have helped. The hills of Manayunk are not kind, nor is the construction/street closures in between our apartments. But in any event, I made it there and back (at 11:00) in one piece, despite being chilled to the bone. I really wish I could make a habit out of bike riding, but it never works. It’ll just become living room furniture soon enough.

I’ve done everything I can think of to avoid doing things for tomorrow. I heated up and ate edamame. I went through all of the websites I usually catch up on daily that I neglected over the past few days. I caught up on Facebook. I coated my shoulder in “Dragon Fire,” some Oriental muscle liniment that I just realized was originally purchased at Modern Warrior. I associate one thing with MW and that one thing happened to (likely) commit suicide about eighteen years ago today (3/29). Kind of weird that there’s that small connection there, at least to me. I’ll never forget March 29th, despite not being close to Anthony (or even Maria, his sister, very much at that point). It was the first time something like that had ever presented itself in my life and my natural desire to heal made me want to skip school and support the family that day. Of course, I couldn’t, and the most contact I had was going to the wake. But I’ll still never forget that morning or this date.

So now I have to get down to business at 1 a.m. First, Im’a make a cup of tea. Then, I’m going to write my TAGS paragraph, explaining what I did between undergrad and grad school (in short: nothing). Then I’m going to read my last ResMeth article. Then I’m going to do my last 2 summaries, hoping they don’t take more than 15 min a pop. Then I’m going to once-over my slides for tomorrow’s presentation, and then, finally, I’m going to get about 5 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow should be a blasty-blast: ResMeth, colloquium, presentation in Personality, clinic, lots of printing, prep for my behavioral assessment Wednesday and if I can keep my eyes open, the start to next week’s reading (going to NY 2 weeks in a row is fucking killing me).

Wednesday should be a bit of a respite, with only the behavioral assessment and an ass-ton of reading to do.

When will I get the chance to get started on my new Philly psychology book club book? Or Naked Lunch? Or On the Road? (The answer: at Stefan’s come Thursday.) But I wanna read it now! Oh well, maybe I’ll allow myself a few chapters in one or two of ’em on Wednesday, depending on how productive I can be. (Ha. Yeah, right.)

I guess it’s time to get crackin’.ย  ‘Night to the rest of the world!


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