Productivity at its finest? Deadliest?

I don’t generally like to write about school-related crap, but the amount of shit I’ve accomplished in merely two days has impressed even myself. So just so I can remember my own capabilities, I’d like to make a small list of everything I’ve managed thus far and what I’ve still left to do:

– wrote two reaction papers to lectures attended last week
– read five personality related chapters/articles
– posted two personality questions to the discussion board
– made dinner!
– read five psychopathology related chapters/articles
– posted two psychopathology questions to the discussion board
– packed my clothes bag for the rest of the week
– cleaned up after myself and watched a whole half an hour of tv before passing out

– got a damn massage after lunch at Starbucks (that didn’t help my shoulder after all)
– did some brief “necessity” shopping at CVS
– applied to an additional 3 practicum sites (because after sending out about 5 others, I’ve only received 2 interviews)
– worked at the clinic from 4:45 – 8:30
– read two pathetically boring articles for research methods
– summarized both of those two articles (2 pages each) and submitted them

– literature search on alcohol abuse and emotional intelligence and emotion regulation
– finish packing
– drive to NY
– read five interviewing related chapters from my textbook


– birthday

– drive back to Philly
– laundry!
– read 3 research method chapters (assuming my book arrives and my darling neighbors retrieve said package for me)
– outline 3 research method chapters (into one 2-page document!?) and submit it

– class 10-12:30
– class 2-4:30
– clinic 4:45-8:15

– take-home portion of research methods midterm
– significant studying of research methods material for online portion of the midterm (on 3/18)

Thursday’s more classes and Friday is the midterm, an interview and hopefully stopping by school to say wassup to Irina. I’d love to take Saturday off, but I get the feeling I might need it to play catchup for next week.

I’m tired. Anyone blame me?


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