Commitment Issues

I used to be on Friendster. Y’know, back in the day. I’ve evidently updated it since, at least with photos.

This one time I had a MySpace blog. Then I deleted it (after printing every blog post).  And then I created another MySpace Blog.

I once had a LiveJournal page. Reading how perfect I thought Chris was for me makes me kind of nauseous. It also upsets me to think I could legitimately think that at some other point in my life. Then again, I always said stuff like that knowing in my heart it wasn’t so true (but wishing it was). At least this time it feels differently. I honestly doubt I’ll ever want anyone other than Stefan forever. (But that sounds awfully redundant now, huh? *Sigh*)

I used to put photos on PhotoBucket, but that included everything ever, including stupid shit I put on people’s MySpace pages as comments. Oh, RockYou, you crazy site you. Then I switched  to Webshots. Now I just use Facebook.

I most certainly have a Twitter account.

I’m on the LinkedIn.

I Tumble.

I tried out Blogger.

I settled (for now) on WordPress. After I tried it out first. At least I was trying to learn something specific. But then I stopped, mostly because I was only interested in politics to stay on the same page as Chris (yeah, that was “meant to be”) and just tried it out for diary-like purposes. For like a day.

I wonder what’s next…


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