Name that theme song!

This used to be one of my favorite shows of all time, moreso when I was dating Rob (HINT). I even have a few episodes somewhere on DVD (HINT), which is unlike me, since I don’t really collect movies/tv shows. The lead actor is just fantastic though. This was sung by him on a radio talk show back in October 2010 (and replayed in a “best of” compilation). The lyrics were never played during the actual theme song (it was solely instrumental), but they were shared on the show. It made me incredibly happy not only to hear that there were lyrics, but that this guy sang them himself.

So you think that you’ve got troubles?
Well, trouble’s a bubble,
So tell old Mr. Trouble to “Get lost!”

Why not hold your head up high and,
Stop cryin’, start tryin’,
And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed.

When you find the joy of livin’
Is lovin’ and givin’
You’ll be there when the winning dice are tossed.

A smile is just a frown that’s turned upside down,
So smile, and that frown will defrost.
And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed!


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