Dear Dr. Armstrong,

Please include the essay for “higher mental processes”/thinking on the exam tomorrow. Let me explain why.

(1) Colleen’s examples are pretty good, and her outline is really well organized.
(2) That being said…here are my mnemonics:

Problem Solving subtypes: GeT ME BACK 2 ANA.
WTF this means: Generate & Test, Means/End, Backtracking(1), working Backward(2), Analogies.
It’s a PROBLEM to be SOLVED.

Deductive Reasoning subtypes: If P, then S.
WTF this means: Propositional (if P, then S) & Syllogistic
P & S. Get it?

Inductive Reasoning subtypes (like Sherlock): AH! (like Sherlock)
WTF this means: Analogical & Hypothesis testing

(and my personal favorite)
DM-ing (decision making) subtypes: MI EX RPs.
WTF this means: Multiattribute utility theory, Image theory, EXpected utility theory, Recognition-Priming
We should all know what a DM is; further, we should know what RPing is. So they go together so well.

Okay, I’m done. But I’d really like this one to be on the exam, so I can ROCK IT.



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