No matter what.

The three words I’m hoping get me through this week unscathed. After a rather embarrassing Friday, they were a welcome start to the final Hell Week of 2010 (ooh, a pun!). I don’t really have anything of value to say, really, just that I’m still (and may always be) shocked that my perfect love was right under my nose most of my life and I never knew it. As the fates would have it, I suppose. And if I wasn’t crazy enough to create the nickname at age 16? And if I wasn’t ballsy enough to bring it up, creating the first strange connection? Yeah, shit happens for a reason.

Now I just wish I could be writing this from my phone underneath a 0-degree sleeping bag on a snow-covered rooftop in Lindenhurst while I pretend to be asleep for the simple fact that the man I love wanted to sleep on the roof. (I’m still getting used to the whole “sleep in snow” idea, but I’ll try it…eventually.) Instead, of course, I’m counting the hours I won’t have to sleep before my first grad school final (at 0900 hours). No time for a nap tomorrow, which will be a good thing considering it might get me to sleep at a decent hour.

And also? 124 views yesterday? Really? Wonder where my blog wound up that it got 124 hits in a day after averaging about 8 for the past week and a half. Cool, but who knows. Maybe it’s The Douchebag turned creeper. Heh. Whatevs.

Peace & love, kiddies.


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