Long days.

I had a long, cray cray (as Nikki would say) day today…and no one to really share it with.  Would it be different if I lived in Lindenhurst?  No, probably not.  So instead, today, I just vent.  I tell the interweb world that I had two presentations, one of which I was randomly selected to go first.  Sure, I think I did well on both; I’ve started to have faith in myself as a speaker.  As a confident, independent person, though…that’s a different story.  Tuesdays suck, and today is just another one where I want to throw in the towel and cut off ties to everything except school.  Mostly only on Tuesdays, except one.  Two days ago, I was running home.  Today, I’m running away from it.

And so I bid you, internet world, a good night, because I will likely lay here another hour and get all of three hours of sleep before dragging myself to a clinic meeting at 8:30 in the morning.  (This also means I probably won’t go to the gym with Christina either, since I’ll much rather come home and sleep, which I have no problems doing when it’s light outside.)  *Sigh.*  Roller-coaster of life, go screw yourself.


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