Why I am awake right now.

This isn’t a very exciting post, but someone wrote on a colleague’s FB wall asking why we were all still up.  Here’s why I am:

(1) I slacked on a lot of homework this weekend, and have 1 day to catch up writing a WAIS-IV report, reading all of my cognition articles/chapters & writing up an outline, and preparing a 5-min talk on Letters of Recommendation for grad school (thanks to Greg for asking me about it completely independent of knowing I need to prep for it). But I also have 4 hours of clinic duty on said day.

(2) I took a nap.  When I got home from NY at 5:00, I chatted on the internet for a little bit, unpacked (and realized I left a bag of laundry at Stefan’s–how disgusting), and wrote a few lines in my mini-journal.  Then I passed out for two hours with a laptop on my abdomen the entire time (I’m very talented, you know).

(3) I have a difficult time sleeping, which is often exacerbated upon departing from Stefan.  I know I’ll see him in 5 days (though he’d somehow rationalize it to 2–“it’s already Monday, and Tuesday doesn’t count, so we only really have to get through Wednesday & Thursday, ’cause I’ll see you Friday”), but the first couple are really hard to spend alone, especially after three full nights of the way we sleep together. (I’m a jumble of elated and saddened all at the same time after writing that last sentence.) Here iz illustrashun:

Greatest feeling in the world.

(4) I don’t have to be “up and at them” until noon tomorrow.  I have clinic at 1:45, and I’m not often very productive before I have anywhere I need to be.

(5-and probably most importantly) I am always up at this hour.  There was a week or so where I decided (and somehow managed) to sleep at like 11:00 at night every night.  Maybe I was doing some sort of catch-up sleeping from the week prior, ’cause that was a full-fledged anomaly.  Unless I have to be up early (as will be the case on Wednesday & Thursday), I am often up until near 4 a.m.  Sometimes needing to get up early doesn’t even influence that 4 a.m. bedtime.

Though something tells me this will change with the new year (::cough–and Stefan’s new work schedule::)…

Sleep tight, kiddies.  I will too…in an hour or two. 😉


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