“Turn around…”

“…every now & then I fall apart.”

The good news is I’m in way less of a cranky-ass PMS mood as I was 12 hours ago.  I definitely didn’t have an emotional breakdown, but I was upset for a bit.  I slept it off though, thankfully.  I just laid down next to Stefan and my eyes were closed within ten minutes. Sleeping next to him definitely helped the mood (being cold most of the night, not as helpful).  Waking up next to him is even better.  Today, I’m tired, but I’ll probably nap, shower and get a little work done. Taking three days off (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) isn’t a really great idea, but my brain and body need a break, so I’m giving them one.  I don’t have my sample WAIS-IV report yet, so I can’t really write that until after I receive it, and I don’t want to read all of my developmental articles now, in case I need a way to keep myself busy for a bit later (watching other people play video games is not my idea of a fun time), so other than that all that’s left for the weekend is preparing for my cog midterm.  The way it went down, as determined in class yesterday, was that the class eliminated a bunch of questions, but still about a dozen remain.  So we have to study and study and study the outlines that the class created for those dozen questions, and then about 5 will be on the midterm (of which we pick two to write up).  An “essay” is about a front and back handwritten piece of legal paper.  She likes details and throwing in names of researchers who produced articles.  Studying will be a feat unto itself; passing will be miraculous.



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