Sure, I have a landlord…AND a realtor.

Why couldn’t I just snag a decent, cheap studio apartment in Manayunk and have that be it?  Why do I have to let people into my apartment once a week (this has gotten more frequent over the past few weeks), or worse, have people in my apartment when I’m not home just so my landlord could potentially sell the place?  This shouldn’t really be my responsibility, and to be honest, I don’t feel all that comfortable having people walking through this place all the time.  My stuff is in here.  And not for nothing, but have I mentioned I have a shotgun?  It was really off-putting to hear that my landlord wanted someone to come by same-day to look at the place (at 7:00 at night, no less).  I wouldn’t have minded so much if I were going to be there, but I was in school all day until 9:00 at night.  And that shotgun wasn’t locked up.  The good news is that he’s really amenable to my requests, like I told him same-day was no good and Saturdays are kind of a pain, so if he could refrain from them as well, but still.  It’s bad enough I know someone that I don’t know has a key to my apartment.

Some people actually came today, and I had to leave my comfortable pajamas and bed to make the place and myself presentable (only because that’s the way I am; not because someone asked me to).  Come on, man.  It’s Friday, it’s my day off of school and I just want to relax.  Instead I had to sit here awkwardly for 10 minutes while they checked out my yard and basement and asked me about laundry and rent.  Jeezus.  Leave me alone!

It’s just annoying.  I’m probably going to say something soon, and seeing as I have no idea what my landlord looks like, I guess I’ll just shoot him an email. But why can’t I just have a regular apartment, hassle-free?  Sometimes I’d rather it not “always be an adventure” with me. Sheesh!


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