My unconscious mind is a wacko.

I fell asleep for a few minutes before delving into the reading I’d assigned myself tonight — here’s what I dreamed of:

Kajal and I were somewhere that Stefan and Chris Wolters also were (like someone’s house or apartment) , and we each drank a quick beer before deciding to go somewhere else (Alex’s house, which was not the actual house Alex lives in).  I drive myself & Kajal on one bike, while Stefan took the other.  Don’t ask me how Chris got there, but he was there.  I couldn’t tell you how long we were there or what we did, but when we were getting ready to leave, Kajal started up one of the bikes, and Chris the other — they’d each be driving those home.  Stefan, however, wanted to first show me how to siphon gas from the truck we were going to take home, before heading out.  I had to stop him, though, because some appliance-like thing in my mouth was bothering me. Next thing I know, the appliance and part of my jaw come spilling out of my mouth (oh, I had turned away by then).  But seriously, like the top back two teeth attached to my jaw, just OUT.  I wondered if Stefan knew that about me, that I had bad teeth.  And then I woke up.



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2 responses to “My unconscious mind is a wacko.

  1. Dreams of losing ones teeth or having teeth rot are a sign of stress, particularly feeling out of control. I have them quite freaquently.

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