the “final” three months.

March – June. Significance: I’m finally over it.  It took 17 months and a really pathetic comment, but I’m over it.  (Halle-fucking-lujah!)  In a pitiful moment on March 5th, I scribbled the following on a page in my mini-journal (oh, the irony!): “Life is still just a series of experiences without Chris.”  To be fair, I later wrote, “If the train isn’t moving, it is spinning.  If it moves, I am ok.”  Today, June 1st, I’m totally fine (well, it’s been about a week-I needed to test its validity).  And in truth, I wasn’t wrong.  Life is still a series of experiences without Chris, I just have no need to be that specific about it.  It’s also a series of experiences without my bff from elementary school as well. I guess what I’m trying to articulate is that not only do I not feel like my heart actually belongs to someone else, but I can look back at that blurb in my book and think, “disgusting.”  So, Jenny, what was your theory on how long it officially takes to get over someone?  I don’t think I made par, but it’s really refreshing to know I can feel this kind of freedom.  Of course, being broken up with by an immediate family member could have helped.  The pain is just…different, is all.  My heart = still all mine.  Hands off, bitches.

June – September. Significance: my last few months in NY.  I feel like there are so many things I want to cram into them, but I have no idea what they are.  Strange, right? I know June is going to be gone before I know it — BBQs/birthdays, overnights at SBU, articles articles and more friggen’ articles, summer course-work — it is undoubtedly going to fly by.  July promises to be a little less insane, but busy nonetheless.  August, however.  August is mine.  I will have 30 days to (a) find an apartment; (b) move into said apartment; (c) see everyone I know.  I am going to try my absolute damnedest to NOT have any more summer course, or research work, or child care hours.  I want to go to the speech office, come home and do whatever I want.  Because I need that damn month.  And come August 30th, my life as I know it will be completely different.


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  1. I can’t remember if the theory was… three times the length of something to get over it, or the length of something plus three months to get over it (and those two things can be hugely different) but… I’m glad you’re over it 🙂

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