A few reflections.

Stuff I’ve archived as “to blog” in my mini-journal thing:

(1)Whole Foods.  Fucking awesome.  I now have a slight addiction to the health food store.  The good news is that I now have a tendency to eat more organic, healthier foods (especially snacks).  The bad news is it’s draining my bank account.  Maybe the market for organic and natural foods will start to get a little more varied and a little less expensive with competition by the expanding chain.  I sure hope so.

(2)New NYS license plates.  They’re new, but they’re…old school!  We used to have the old orange-and-blues hanging up in the basement and I just thought they looked so retro.  Now retro is in, and the DMV can make even more money by requiring everyone get the new style plates upon registration renewal–everybody wins!  (Even the banks, who get the interest rate on the loans we have to take out to afford it all!)

(3)WoW at the Wang.  I don’t know why I was surprised to see some guy playing WoW in the comfy armchairs in the Wang Center.  I mean, I’m not really that good of a WoW-er, but I’m level 80 and I know what I overheard Chris talk about, so I automatically felt like he & I were bonded.  I almost called out over my shoulder, “79 Undead Shadow Priest!” but I resisted the urge in case he had questions about instances I haven’t done because I’m still a chicken shit in game.  WTF is that about, anyway?!

(4) La Salle Cohort.  Much love to my future colleague, Philip Fizur, for creating a Facebook group for our new Fall 2010 La Salle Psy.D. students.  There are, from what I understand, 26 of us in total.  23 of us are on Facebook, and now we’re all “friends.”  I just hope this doesn’t get awkward when we discover who we actually like and dislike among one another.  I mean, will there be any drama if and when people get deleted from friends’ lists, or will we all just keep each other on our lists because we’re too polite not to?

(5) Being a T.A. celebrity.  I’m kind of sorry to see this semester end.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I’m graduating…I just…have to let go of everything I’d finally gotten familiar with.  Being a T.A. was also amazing, and I wish I had done it sooner so I could have also done it a second time.  I was sitting outside of the psychology building one day, eating a salad for lunch, when another student approached me, “I’m so sorry to bother you during your lunch, but you’re a T.A. in PSY359, right?”  I confirmed, and then he asked about our review sessions for the final quiz.  When I told him there would also be one an hour before the test, he asked, “that’s the one you do, right?”  and I nodded.  Not only did he know that I was a T.A., but he knew when my review session was and almost seemed to prefer it.  Granted, I’m not the only one who does the review, and I answer questions more than I re-teach the material, but it was just amazing to be known by someone I didn’t already know.  And I have to assume…he’s not the only one.  There are 200 people in that class; others know me without having any idea who I am.

(6) Conquering poop, piss and puke in child care.  I didn’t think it would be as easy as it turned out to be.  When we went over “toileting accidents and vomit” in seminar, I thought, “oh, hell no.”  But when the going got tough, I found myself post-scenario without having thought about the event the entire time.  It was more that I had to be straight-faced for the kids.  My reacting poorly to something rather inconsequential wouldn’t be good for them.  So when Ian pooped himself, Yassna and Isabella puked on the tire swing, and Maurice peed at the “office” table, I jumped right in the game and took care of everything/one.  I guess it’s like one small step in childcare, but one giant leap for Linda.

(7) Rob Johnson Sr.*  I’d just like to include how awesome I find it that the boy I had a crush on for several years in high school (who didn’t know my name, mind you), currently thinks I’m interesting.  I feel like for anyone else that’s almost an insult, but for me it’s flattering.  I don’t want to be just another pretty face, or another dork brain; I want to stand out. And I guess I do, on Facebook at least.  Sometimes I think being an awkward nobody in high school was good for me; now that I know who I am, I’m a much more confident person who, by contrast, stands out. (Hey, look how that worked out there.)

*This was his code name in high school so that no one would know who we were talking about when I swooned to my bff.  Not to mention, his sister was in our grade and was rather popular, so we had to keep extra quiet.  It worked, apparently.  He had no idea who I was. Heh.

And as an aside, I dated Rob Johnson, Jr.  (Tony, consider yourself lucky to be my second secret crush.)


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  1. Allow me to nerd at you for a moment —

    If you’re interested, I could show you (what I know of) the PVP ropes. I’m not much of a raider, and instances are boring, but I ❤ pvp. (What server are you on?)

    Also, Casi just showed me this and I LOL'ed: http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=1668

    Ok. I'm done nerding at you 🙂


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