“Spread my work ethic, not my wealth.”

I read this on a bumper sticker the other day, and it made me stop and think.  Sure, it would be a wonderful thing if that were possible, but work ethic isn’t something produced that can be distributed.  I’m sure the sticker wasn’t meant to be literal, and was designed just to get a general idea across, but for me, it failed (or it succeeded and I’m pissed). I give up on this battle, really.  Are the elderly, the disabled, the veterans, many of whom likely had a dedicated work ethic, supposed to simply overlook their shortcomings and succeed merely on their work ethic?  Suck my dick, seriously.  And not for nothing, but if that’s your attitude, how can I be sure your work ethic isn’t “work work work to get get get” ’cause that’s the impression I receive from something like that.  “I want to keep everything I worked for. Screw the little guys.  I need big things.  More money? Okay, BIGGER things.  Yeah, four fucking houses, one in the Caribbean.”

Y’know what, world?  I have every intention of making good money someday when I’ve gone through my 9200 years of schooling and then spent the decade following paying back all of my incredible outstanding debt.  Regardless, I wouldn’t be caught dead saying something as pretentious and selfish as that.  I’ll have enough money to live well, but some people need some of that too, ’cause they can’t go out and make their own.  Shit, I’m a Communist, aren’t I?  Yeah, no.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge advocate of the unemployment process in this country.  I actually think we handout way too much.  However, I don’t think it’s something that should be abolished altogether.  Anyone can lose their job, for any reason, a shitty economy being atop the list.  But to be perfectly honest, I wish people with egotistical bumper stickers like that to lose their job and be at the mercy of the “system.”  Is your work ethic going to save you now?  No, the pooled money for the benefit of the entire commonwealth is.

I guess it depends on what you’re advocating with a bumper sticker like that.  I can’t imagine it being for something other than what I’ve taken away from it, but sometimes I jump to conclusions, and this could easily be one of those times.  But seriously–let’s stick to the basics, people:  “Gobama!”  “McCain’s the way!”  “Vote Romney!”  I don’t give a shit who you’re voting for, and you can let me know all you want.  However, I care when you start to display your ignorance all over the place.  I hope you lose your job, bumper sticker douchebag.



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5 responses to ““Spread my work ethic, not my wealth.”

  1. Ryan

    I always hated that sticker. It is a true elitist stance that everyone that isn’t as successful in life as them are clearly lazy. Sure, many people cheat Workman’s Comp, but there are also people like my mom that are actually injured and not only want to get better but also want to return to the job she loves.

    Political bumper stickers are annoying. They don’t really say anything substantive or universally funny. They either bitch and moan or imply that they blindly follow a political toolbag.

  2. Russell

    If I work hard and make the right decisions and plans for me and my families future why should I be forced to pay for the lazy and the takers?

    • Cassandra Thorn

      Because it’s not all lazy people and takers that need help. Sometimes its also people who work had and make good decisions and plans that come into unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes its people who become disabled. You can’t put a blanket statement on individuals without employment because you can’t possibly know the context and situation for each one of them. For every “lazy” person (and I believe there are many; don’t get me wrong), there’s probably a well-deserving person too.

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