Being sick is not fun.

Sure, I get three hours off from child care today for having the worst sore throat of my life (that’s an exaggeration–I recall a time where it was way worse), a treacherous cough and no voice, but in the end it still hurts and sucks to be sick.

I had this dream last night that I had the flu, and I was somewhere with my father & stepmother (this will be an analyst’s wet dream, btw).  My stepmother was told that her Great Aunt had passed away, and both she & my father got upset and he was on his way to drive me home and then head to the airport (they were in separate cars, I guess, and there was no Kellen).  While we were packing up to go, I told my father I didn’t feel good, and he made a snide remark about how the attention had to be on me.  So I shut my trap and got in the car.  While we were driving, my fever had apparently climbed.  I moaned just once about how hot I felt, and my father touched my arm from the driver’s seat, remarking just how hot I was.  He pulled over so I could cool down at which point I drank some water and tried to stop being dizzy. Eventually though, he said he wasn’t never going to make the flight and I said, “nevermind, just continue to take me home.”

Wow.  Dream analysts, I know what that means about me–they’re feelings I’ve always had but have never been able to do anything with.  So I guess I just ignore them and then dream about them.  But I almost think I’d take daddy-dreams over Chris-dreams most days of the week (the daddy dreams tend to get repetitive after a while).

So now I’ve woken up, called out sick, have had about 10 hours of sleep and still feel like shit.  My fever is only a degree, so I’m still planning on going to work, but I’m not sure how I’m going to make the 12 insurance company calls I have to make for the files in my bag.  Should/can they really wait until Thursday??  Maybe I’ll just do the non-verbal stuff for now, and save the voice best I can.  That’s probably what any doctor would tell me to do.  Better than calling out sick completely, right?

I’m trying to figure out just what to do with myself.  I’m “free” until about 3:00, but the things on my to-do list for the day mostly require talking and I don’t feel like doing anything.  My neck is still sore from sleeping crappily on Saturday, I can’t breathe, swallowing hurts, Lord help me if I have to cough and there’s just no way I can really talk.

I think I’ll drift in and out of sleep for a little while longer, then make some tea, oatmeal and watch a movie.  If I still want to be awake, I’ll read some homework, have soup for lunch (and dinner, probably), and nap again if there’s time.  At some point I’ll shower and head to work.  Only to come back and rest up all over again.

This being sick and tired sure is tiring!


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