The first day of my last semester.

Not forever, ’cause lord knows graduate school is in my future, but as of May 21, 2010 I will be saying “bye-bye” to good ol’ SBU.  Today marked the first day of the end, and boy was it…long.

I started out pretty good, early and awake, ready to go, until on my drive in I realized I had absolutely no idea where the class I was teacher assisting was going to be held.  I called the school and they told me to check my SOLAR account.  I said I couldn’t, so they transferred me to the psychology department where I got someone’s voicemail.  Fortunately, I had Macky on me, so I figured I could just get to school a few minutes early, as I was, look it up, and be on my merry way.  BUT…Macky doesn’t have the Airnet SBU Internet Client on it, and since I’m Mac-incompetent, I couldn’t figure it out in the fifteen minutes I had to determine where I was going.  Knowing I had access to an unsecured network in the Psych A building, I went there…   …only to find out I couldn’t connect to it for some reason still undetermined (I logged onto it later in the day).  So I went downstairs of the Psych A building and wandered around until I found the Department Administrator’s office (I was on my way to the Department Advisor’s office, just because I knew where that was).  Within twenty seconds, she told me where the class could be found (back in the building I started in, by the way).

So it turns out one of my T.A.s from last semester is doing it again, and I recognized her (and she I) right away.  She introduced me to another T.A. who introduced me to another and now at least 5 of the 7 of us UGTAs are buds.  I asked Ms. Senior UGTA what we had to do and she said just take notes (done from last semester–I just highlight what she goes over), proctor exams, answer questions and hold review sessions.  No office hours, no hard work.  Just those few things and BAM! 3 credits achieved.  w00t.

From there I went to work for a few hours, but then came back to school for research meetings.  The 3:30 meeting allowed myself and another Research Assistant to go over our coding and firm up our reliability.  We worked fairly independently for the first time and still managed to be quite productive.

Then We went over to our second meeting where I learned I will be dedicating my existence to SBU.  I will be sleeping over at campus four times over the course of the semester to conduct some sleep deprivation research running human test subjects.  Should be fun, but a time consuming pain-in-the-neck as well.

Finally, for the latter portion of my day I went to the Stony Brook Child Care Center for my one single class (seminar in development and education in preschool age children) and to familiarize myself with my new home away from home (and work): my preschool class (room #2).  Nine hours of my week will be spent interning at the Center, playing with, observing, modeling for, and doing projects with fifteen children ages 3-5.  The seminar and the practicum seem like they’re going to take a lot of energy (and writing reflections, which are fine with me, ’cause I’m kind of a reflecting person), but I’m ready.  If I can’t get my ass in a stairmaster, the least I can do is follow a bunch of kiddies around a few days a week.

But after all of that I came home to hang and fold a bunch of curtains, eat dinner and now…pass. the. hell. out.



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  1. Ryan

    Last semester was my favorite. I had the best classes and the least amount of work (compared to my 18+ credits, lab, and being in over my head my 2nd year) despite only 400 level courses for psych and biology. Twas fun; enjoy it!

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