NY Yankee Winners & Sore Losers

With all that money the plethora of sore losers keep saying the Yankees have, you think they’d win every year.  But HUH, look at that, the PHILLIES won last year.  I guess maybe, just fucking maybe it’s not entirely about the money.  Jerks.

Now that I’ve said my anti-negativity piece in an ironically negative manner, I just wanted to write a little blurb about how awesome the Yankees did this year.  I vow to watch all the games every season, double in years they win the WS, but I never wind up doing it, and I only manage to follow the post-season games.  But hey-here’s to high hopes and trying again!  27 rings in my 27th year on this Earth.  Corny, yes.  Having absolutely nothing to do with me, also yes.  But it’s kinda neat no matter how ya look at it.

I have been a Jorge Posada fan for about twelve years now.  And to see him still in pinstripes, still with Pettite and Mo and DJ is just amazing and absolutely awesome.  Mo’s comment tonight sums up everyone’s thoughts about the game, I think:  “I was thinking to retire, but I think I”ll stay on another five years!”  You just don’t want to leave the NY Yankees.

Much love, boys.  Much disdain, haters.


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