Linda’s Life of Relativity

I am themed, so it has been proven though time.  This weekend marked yet another adventure in: Linda’s Life of Relativity.  What did I gain?  Health, sanity and a buttload of completed assignments.  What did I lose?  Little bro-time, a little respect, and a chance to watch game 2 of the ALCS from the CUSHY SEATS.

This weekend I sacrificed doing anything outside of the home (I’m lucky to have showered today) to not get more sick (sicker?).  What happened?  I got a different kind of sick.  I went from having a sore throat and neck ache to being completely stuffed and unable to breathe out of my nose.  I think I’ve sneezed a dozen times and I have finally caved in and brought a whole box of tissues up to my bedroom.  If this is the “worst” of it, I’ll take it over the Thursday-Friday hell.  I can’t breathe properly, but I have the same amount of Linda-energy like this, which is probably why I’m still up at 1:30 in the morning trying to lull myself to sleep with a glass of Riesling.  Oh, and as an aside, I really missed Riesling.  Good stuff, if is.  I got it from here, if you’d like to buy some.  It’s one of my favorite Long Island wines.  Anyway, still sick, but gonna live.

I miss Kellen SO MUCH though.  I actually dreamed of him last night.  I just hugged him and squeezed him and told him I missed him lots–my brain dealing with the “problem,” perhaps?  I so very much love that theory.

I did have a good weekend with my mom, though.  She told me a little while ago (we’re both up at this hour, crazies that we are) that she enjoyed our weekend time together despite my being sick.  Sadly, it took me being sick to have a weekend with my mother.  But I’m pretty sure she’s really just happy she got potato soup, apple cake & pumpkin seeds. (JUST KIDDING, MOM!  Oh, but seriously–stop typing ALL IN CAPS!)

Of course, I didn’t get to experience Cory’s famous…uh, some dish that I wouldn’t be able to pronounce let alone spell either.  No sense in getting the rest of my family sick or the Levines.  Plus, I found out his brother was sick.  Way to look out for my well-being!  Oh, I kid, I kid!  I’m actually in the process of making a molehill out of a mountain I made out of this original molehill about that whole thing anyways.  Casey knows what I’m talking about.  The rest of the world doesn’t.  But that’s okay, ’cause I probably give out too much information anyway.

AND NOW…without further ado (that part’s actually me making fun of Mike D. SORRY!)…may I present…for entertainment purposes only…

…the life (and death) of Winston:

in his natural state.

in his natural state.

Step 1: Gut the shit out of the punkin.

Step 1: Gut the shit out of the punkin.

Step 2: season & bake it's guts.

Step 2: season & bake it's guts.

Step 3: carve a bitch.

Step 3: carve a bitch.

Step 3: Light 'em up.

Step 4: Light 'em up.

Step 5: Give it a family.

Step 5: Give it a family.

Winston, as it were, is absolutely delicious.  I’m sure the squirrels will agree on October 31st.  Aaaand…that was the highlight of my day.  Actually, the A+ I got on my Natural Disasters exam was the highlight of my day, as was the kick-ass paper I wrote on The Perfect Storm, but Winston was up there.  I actually did feel a little like he was crying (see: Step 2), but that’s probably because I named him, so yeah, I’m a flake.

This flake is going to try to get some rest (read: play Bubble Shooter (more commonly known as SNOOD) on my Dashboard, which I realized actually existed thanks to Devyn).  Goodbye productivity, hello Snood!


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