Productive Day from the PJs

I got. So much. Accomplished today.  Not everything on the list, but lots.

My sore throat has seemingly dissipated.  In its stead is a stuffy, runny nose, but I don’t feel as crappy as when I have a sore throat, so that made the day a little better.

To start my day, I read next week’s Environmental History stuffs, then emailed the professor because I can’t seem to distinguish the primary source(s) for the paper I have to hand in on Wednesday (it’s a one-pager, so I’m not too worried if I have to do it on Tuesday).  I haven’t heard back yet, so I’ve been able to stall on that thus far.

Otherwise, I typed up my notes from the week (which I usually do on class days when I get home, but circumstances this week did not allow me to after Monday), then I made some potato soup.  I cheated a little–the soup base/broth came from a Tastefully Simple box of powder and all I needed to do was “just add water” in essence.  Instead, I chopped up some potatoes, fried up some bacon and added those, then topped it with a little cheddar.  So I actually worked at it, rather than just mixing it with water and waiting a half hour.

After all that was over I read a bit of my Politics & Society work for the week (a little more than half; I will be finishing the other half upon blog completion) and successfully avoided napping.  Unfortunately, that took a little longer than expected, so I took another break to do all my dishes from the soup debacle.  Glimpsing the apples still sitting in the bag a week after Mike and I had picked them, I decided to try an apple recipe that called only for ingredients we had in the house so that my sick, lazy ass didn’t have to actually go anywhere today.  Fortunately, one of the first recipes I found was for apple cake consisting only of about 8 ingredients (sugar, flour, egg, baking soda, cinnamon, apples, salt, oil), so I started making that.  While I was chopping up the apples, my mother starts telling me about how as she flung her jacket onto the hook in the hallway, the metal piece that hangs off of it flew up & broke part of the light fixture on the wall.  My instantaneous reply was that she shouldn’t have to be throwing her jackets around and needed “Jeanette-sized” hooks for her things.  I told her I’d add hooks for her while the cake baked.  So I did.  But of course being in the foyer made me grimace at the horrid pile of recyclable papers that are strewn messily in the corner in a garbage pail.  And suddenly it hit me.  A shelf.  Above the pail were three shelves I made like four years ago, so why not a fourth?  Instead of trying to fit the papers in a pail, all we’d have to do is slide them in the bag on the shelf.  Easy!  Of course this made a project for myself, so in between checking to make sure my cake was done, I got some wood from the shed, set up the vice, and sawed me some shelf.  I then nailed it into the beams in the wall, and viola! Problem solved.  Additional bonus: we’re now using the pail for plastic/metal/glass recycling instead of a tiny little basket we were emptying every day.

Baking & Building.

The cake came out delicious, by the way, and only wound up using one of my big green golden apples.  I still have about ten more, so I might give apple crisp (or apple pie) a go tomorrow.  But on tomorrow’s agenda is also the stuff I didn’t get done today, namely my 3-paged review of A Perfect Storm.  Other than that (and the one-pager if the teacher responds to me) and carving up Winston, tomorrow should be my last “get well” day.  I was going to venture out to my father’s, but I think I’d rather be better first, just in case.  Plus, the weather is supposed to be quite horrendous tomorrow.  Not that that makes any real difference–the Yankee game was “supposed” to have been rained out tonight.

Oh, yeah, about that–I turned on the game in the 4th…and stayed through the 13th.  I’m impressed.  I realize now what those guys get paid for.  I’m still a litttttle sad that I didn’t go (I was offered a ticket), but five+ hours in the freezing cold + my own cold = pneumonia for sure.  Plus, I saved a bunch of money by switching to watching from home.

So in conclusion, today was a long, albeit productive day.  I deleted more “friends” from FB today as well.  I’m stopping at 222 for now.  That’s down from about 350, so I think I’m satisfied for the time being.  Sadly, a new friend was one of them.  I don’t know that I could consider him “good” for me.  Anyone who writes, “is baseball season over yet?” as a status-response to the masses’ pro-Yankee win statuses gets a thumbs-down in my book.  I used to say shit like that, and I did not like the person I was when I did.  There is no way in hell I’m surrounding myself with that.  Nu-uh.  Not a chance.  Remember, I’m kind of a snob.  If you want to be friends with me, you have to earn it. :p


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