Progresses & Failures.

I got a 92.5 on my Psych of Prejudice exam last week.  Class average was a 77, so I’m okay with my grade.  However, I definitely got at least 5 wrong on my Drugs & the Brain test (on neurochemistry), so this might be one’a the droppers.  I’ve maintained a 24/25 and a 25/25 on the first two tests, so as long as the material doesn’t get increasingly difficult, I should be okay.

By the way, here’s a “daily photo” I took at school last week:

SBU Gardening

SBU Gardening

I have accomplished so much work today that I’m trying not to focus on what I did not manage to get done.  I conquered: reading Book II & Book III of Rousseau’s On the Social Contract, I read 60 pages of Cronin’s Changes in the Land, I wrote my paper for the primary sources this week in Environmental History, I typed up the notes I had yet to transcribe from Friday’s classes, I did my laundry, I walked with mom down to CVS and grabbed a few things, I added webs & spiders to my front yard decorations, I watched yesterday’s Dollhouse and I made penne a la vodka for dinner.

What I didn’t get done: balancing out my finances for the past two weeks, watching last week’s House, reading any of The Perfect Storm, which I need to finish to begin writing a book review on come next Sunday (and I’m only 65 pages in), finding three more schools to apply to, and studying for my Natural Disasters test on Wednesday.

Really the to-dos seem dull in comparison to the accomplisheds.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to go watch last week’s House, then read some of TPS (10 pages would make me happy) before bed.  I might be a sleepy mess tomorrow, but if I play my cards right, I can be asleep by midnight.

Additional progresses/failures:  I did not, in fact, dream of Chris as I expected to.  I dreamed instead of Kellen not liking me and being forced to interact with me by my father & stepmother.  I don’t remember why, but I know I spent some dream time crying (not actual crying, just in-dream crying).  However, I did manage to lose all of that emotional BS that was floating around in the brainspace yesterday and I’m back to my old self.

On par, a photo of the accident I sat in 30 minutes of traffic on 347 because of on Friday:

No, really, not a laughing matter.

No, really, not a laughing matter.

And the progress of my neighbors:

New construction!

New construction!

Oh, and a reflection for the day regarding three of my ex-boyfriends:  one has absolutely no life, one’s life is basically over, and one is a complete tool (which I definitely should have realized sooner–thanks photos!).  I’ll let you figure out who’s who.


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  1. Ryan

    So I take it these randomly occuring traffic accidents are why you never visit me at work? (note: work, not career; I’d kill myself if it was otherwise). Looks like you are still hyper over your grades. Just don’t push yourself to much!

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