Test of the gods?

It would appear as though the weekend Gods are testing me.  Rain & thunderstorms all day/night on a Saturday?  ::shakes fist::  Yeah, sorry, that’s the most negative reaction you’re going to get from me! I only seem to get “angry” when (a) in traffic and (b) pressed for time.  But neither of those things really occur as a result of some rain (though I’m sure there’ll be traffic later), so for teh m0ment, I are goodz.

Somehow, I’ve been up since just after 5 a.m.  I fell asleep somewhere between 10:30 & 11, but it was much needed rest, so I let myself.  Getting up so early is kind of a downer though.  It’s got to catch up with me at some point, right?  Here I thought I was going to get a nice 7 hour sleep in; guess not.  Maybe a nap shall be in order, as plans have seemingly fallen through.  …or have they?  I seem to have a message from the Cory, so I bet that has more information on it.  Mayhaps I shall endeavor to take a listen to that on my way into work in an hour. I don’t see why rain should stop us from getting together, though the hiking plan is clearly out.  And part of me is tempted to suggest abandoning football tomorrow as the weather will likely be 70 and sunny, but that is just a miniature chip in the “changing a person” block, and I won’t stand for it.

This is silly.  I think I like work.  I’m excited to go there this morning.  Or maybe I’m just excited to be in a not-my-usual office(s), with Rita, whom I love and am giving kitty and doggie treats to take the the no-kill shelter to donate later today, on an easy day with no real “work” to do, save for receptionist stuff.  Yeah, that’s probably it.  Shower time!


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