My favorite day is Saturday.

Sterotypically, man’s favorite day should be [football] Sunday.  It’s also one of the reasons I like Saturday so much.  As noted in one of my last posts, my weekends have become wonderful, most notably my Saturdays.  I tend to postpone doing a lot of homework on those days, saving it all for Sundays when I can.  I also get most of the errand/chore stuff I need to work on done on Saturdays, for example the brakes on my car last weekend, or applying to schools.

I think I might like having one super-awesome day to look forward to each week.  As though working my ass off Sunday through Friday (and even Fridays are a lesser workload than the other days) is all worth it come Saturday.  I guess that’s what they mean when they say, “working for the weekend,” though my weekends really are chopped down to one full day of awesome.

I’m looking forward to both this & next Saturdays most.  Hiking in Cold Spring Harbor with Cory should be exceptionally fun, especially after making more cashola covering a morning shift in Wantagh without having to do any real work (take some co-pays, confirm Monday patients, read some homework).  I am also excited to try this peanut-less Pad Thai he claims to make exceptionally well.  I will certainly be the judge of that.  Though I must admit, I’m a smidgen nervous re-meeting momma and dad Levine…again, for the second time in nine years.  I mean, how do you tell someone you still have their cheesecake brownie recipe, but have never actually made them over the last decade?  Ah, well, it shall be fine, as I handle awkward situations much better than my brain seems to think I do.  I don’t know why that is–maybe it’s just some sort of preparatory mechanism “just in case.”

Anyway, the following Saturday is my Mike-day, because I will not really get to see him before he runs away and joins governmental military employment.  My initial suggestion of Hershey would be most fun, but I don’t think I have the time or money for that, so I’ve toned it down to apple/pumpkin picking at the least.  I hear there will be tasty donuts.  And certainly booze later that day/evening.

See? Fun stuff.  Not that I get to make the schedule, but the week after I am going to see if the Levine family wants to go hiking upstate.  It’s their gig, so it’s ultimately their plan, but seeing as I do get some leeway (based on my endurance they will pick a proper trail), I will likely pitch it this weekend (if Cory doesn’t read this beforehand and obtain prior knowledge of my intentions–’cause I’m also going to bite him).

All righty, folks.  I wanted to get a quickie (heh) in, but it’s late now and I have a neurochemistry test at 9:30 in the morning, so I best be getting myself ready for sleepies.  I still need to pack if I’m staying at my dad’s tomorrow–which would mean I’d have to pack for work and hiking and potentially cleaning myself up after hiking–it seems silly to go home and do these things when mostly all homes have showers in them.  I’m not tied down to my own.

So yeah.  Packing. Bed.  ‘Night!


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