A long and wonderful weekend.

As much as I did not want to work the extra time at the office, I was happy simply to exist on Friday, for one reason or another.  I dealt with demanding, slightly incompetent people, but I handled it quite well.  I sought out Alex when I thought Friday afternoon traffic southbound on the Sagtikos Parkway would frustrate me, and her input was all that was necessary to maintain composure.  By the time I got home, however, all I wanted was to get rid of my headache and get some sleep.  They occurred together, fortunately.  I napped from the time I got home (5:30-ish) until around 7, when Cory called to tell me he’d be donned in beach-wear, namely goggles, a snorkel and flippers.  I scarfed down a few bites of the shrimp lo mein my mother had ordered and made myself presentable.

Needless to say, the evening was splendid, complete with miles and miles of walking through gorgeous little lagoons from the low tide, with amazingly in tact shells everywhere, and incredible conversation in a positive, jovial manner.  Things that made the evening even more entertaining:  being forewarned by the guy with a hook for a hand that there was a raccoon not far ahead in the direction we were walking; trying to break into the Ice Cream Parlor (for a Chipwich or Fribble); trying to capture anything on film in only moonlight; playing “props” with trash on the beach (such as the bottom to a school-style chair, or a large wooden stake–to kill the vampires or write our names in the sand–either/or); getting my sneakers/socks/jeans wet from a surprise wave from the ocean; running away from the people with the flashlights down the beach; returning to the people with the flashlights down the beach so as to satisfy our curiosity and not be pussies; being creeped out by the duo (trio?) cloaked in black who no longer shone the flashlights upon our arrival;  attempting to find the parking lot from the shore; walked down long portions of boardwalk post-light-shutting; not being locked in this time around.

Next week’s plans have made me kind of excited.  I’ve been meaning to hike the Greenbelt trail since I joined the LITE meetup group, and now it’s just part of my Saturday plans.  I have to go make some money covering Denise’s shift in Wantagh (which is totally okay, because I love working with both Emily and Rita), then I get to go hike the trail!  I was hoping to get some apple/pumpkin picking in that weekend, but mayhaps I will just have to push that back a tad.

But enough of future talk; I want to finish my half-weekend synopsis, so I can get some sleepytime in.  Saturday.  Oh, lordy lord, Saturday has been a long one.  I forced myself to sleep by 2 a.m. Friday night, so that getting up around 6:30-6:45 would be feasible.  Amazingly, it was.  I stuck to my plan and dragged my ass (and my car) down to Midas to check out the squeaky brake bit.

With Raz in the hands of “professionals” at 7:01 a.m., I walked the two buildings over to the diner where I had a delicious coffee/pancake/bacon/environmental history homework breakfast.  The history stuff wasn’t bad; it was actually all about European colonization on the Madeiras and Canary Islands.  Some was a bit sad.  The letter from Chris Columbus back home was quite entertaining though, I must say, when he “discovered” Cuba and Honduras and the surrounding land.

Anyway, I didn’t mind waiting for fresh pancakes, and I didn’t mind waiting when my credit card scanned “0.00” instead of the ten bucks breakfast was supposed to cost me.  Mike (@ Midas) had already called; my back brakes were low, and knowing I didn’t want them to (a) cut into the rotors, and (b) continue to make that awful noise, I gave them the go-ahead. It cost…a total of $5 over what I had thought it would cost (looks like I’m getting good at this stuff).  Complacent, I was, since Friday, and for no “good” reason.

I sauntered across Sunrise Highway to Babylon Town Hall Park, where I proceeded to study for my Psychology of Prejudice exam (on Wednesday) and then doze off on a park bench in the sun with geese and a fountain (okay, and the traffic out on Sunrise Highway) the only surrounding noise.  I awoke near ten, and expecting the work to be done relatively soon after that, I set off back to my point of origin where I proceeded to wait (patiently, mind you) another forty-five minutes.  I’ll have you know, however, it was well worth the wait.  To be able to stop–at a light, stop-sign, because traffic slows down–without hearing a horrible high-pitched yelp from the brakes is a wonderful thing.  I drove home $250 in debt, but a happy camper.

I apparently dove into “do stuff” mode upon returning home; I started my laundry, did my IAT test for class, checked into directions and train times for Sunday (more on that later), and began pulling out autumn/Halloween decorations from the closet.  Next thing I knew I was decorating the house and trimming hedges almost simultaneously.  I am satisfied with the results, but the front yard is still lacking two things, decoration-wise: spider webs (with little spideys in ’em) and pumpkins.  These shall both be remedied by 10/13.  Believe you me.

When I was done with just about everything I needed to complete at home, I headed out towards dad’s with a text to the stepmom about my intentions of stopping by.  I was told by my father, as I arrived to an almost uninhabited house, that Lynn & KJ had gone to the Cedar Beach carnival.  So I headed that way and met up with them.  Corn dog, funnel cake, ferris wheel — need I really say more?  We got home near 5, had a few cocktails, and Lynn made Margherita Pizza.  Mmm mmm good. When everyone finally headed to bed, I watched last night’s Dollhouse (still got my attention, Whedon) and played a smidgen (read: hour) of Super Mario Galaxy.  I really couldn’t be happier.

Tomorrow I head home circa 9 a.m. to pick up some cheap water at CVS (I’m a super-shopper now–the sale is 24 pack for $3.99 an I have $1 off coupon.  SO yeah, 24 Nestle waters for 3 bucks.  Win.) to store in the trunk of the car to drink over the next two weeks, then to color my hair, shower, prep myself for party time (and homework-on-the-train-time) and haul ass to the Babylon Train Station for the 12:12 express to Penn.  From there I need to take the E to Lex and walk about four blocks to the restaurant Juliette is having her mother’s surprise 60th birthday party.  I cannot forget the secondary favors I picked up for Jule OR the present.  I cannot.  I will not.

Of course, when I get home from this event (that ends around 5:30, putting me on a 6:10 train home if I’m lucky and getting me back to my actually house around 8), I have to write almost all of my philosophy paper as well as a one-pager on Columbus’ letter and if I’m still conscious tweak my personal statement and apply to a few schools.  Whatever I don’t finish Sunday night needs to be done by 3 p.m. on Monday, when I head to Lake Success to cover Meryl’s shift until 8:30.  That philosophy paper is due the following day–I will have all of an hour or two to “finish” it after work on Monday, which I hope I will not have to utilize.

Seeing as I just typed a novella for only half a weekend’s summary, I s’pose I should try and get some shut eye.  But first, naturally, I have to email Cory 15 words so he can make a “cute little…” something for me, in dialogue.  We’ll see how this goes!  …the story, I mean.

P.S. I have pictures I’ve been taking over the past few days? weeks?  that I will eventually get around to posting here.  I mean it.  Soon.   No, really.


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