I am a little less than sober.

My plans to do minor note-transcribing and sleep went horribly awry when I picked up Cory’s phone call.  What started as an innocent beer turned into two additional glasses of chocolate wine (which, in case you’re wondering, tastes exactly like less-strong Bailey’s).  The conversation was good; as much as I’m not supposed to be talking (vocal hygiene!), I can’t help but spend an hour on the phone with that man.  And it’s not like he’s doing something else; he’s listening to me, and paying attention, and, more than I could ever dream, relating.  Good lord, even if this is ephemeral, I’ll take it.  It’s refreshing.  It’s nice.  It’s … warm & fuzzy.  And seriously, when I said I could get lost in conversation between his pharmacist father and social worker mother,  I was not kidding.  If he and I never speak again, I want rights to the Levine parents.

Anyway, I’m not here to say much (obviously, ’cause I’m in no state to), but I just wanted to reiterate a few points from my day:

1.  I am the win at these Drugs & the Brain quizzes.  Like TA-next-semester material win.

2. That kid that was in my Stats class is now in my Psych of Prejudice class.  I really should get his name…

3. I do my job well. I don’t care what anyone says.  I am awesome.

4. Hobbes has got our political system down.

5. I am scared out of my mind of hurricanes.  Clearly, I will get into NOVA Southeastern.  Just ’cause it’s in Ft. Lauderdale.

6. James O’Leary (the one in my history class, not the one I dated for three years) is just another loser.  Not that I cared, just that I need to make a note that it must be the name.

7. I love Christine.  And I miss her terribly, even though we didn’t see each other as it were.  But she is incredibly talented. (I have proof!)

7.  Despite our ups & downs, my mom is still my bff.

8.  Alex? A close second.

9.  And Cory?  FFN.  (Fun for now.)

That is all.  I make no claims to anything else or the future, because … well, fuck if I know.


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