From the vacation.

It’s Monday night and we’ve been here since yesterday afternoon.  I have a ton of things to say, but I’m not really of a position to say them now.  The “in short” versions, in case I don’t actually write tomorrow, is that my brother has severely disappointed and hurt me, I miss Mike of all people, my father has been better (and worse) than I’d expected, I’ve eaten way too much, I exercised in the gym room, I actually love roller coasters, I think about Cory too much,  I’ve let my father pay for entirely too many things (but don’t really mind), and I’m looking forward to school.  I missed my first day today and froze my butt off while going on many of the water rides.  But I know what I need for all but one of my classes, and until she either posts something online or answers one of my two emails, I don’t friggin’ care.

Sadly, I don’t want as much to do with my brother as I used to.  He’s a very nasty, selfish, spoiled child.  I definitely wouldn’t be friends with him if I met him in camp, or on the street.  He’s really competitive and really nasty.  It’s disappointing.

Gonna go drink another Blue Moon right quick to make the annoying go away.  The family should be asleep in a half hour.  Maybe I’ll go drunk swim.  /lame.



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