Today I failed at almost everything.  I managed to have that 1/2 glass of OJ and keep the calories relatively low, BUT:

– I took a nap
– I couldn’t jog ’cause of the weather this morning…oh, and the pain
– I stared kind of mindlessly at a few stand-up comedians as well as the first half of Hitchhikker’s Guide.

I worked late because I’ll not be there Monday or Tuesday, I came home and ate a tomato sandwich, then fell asleep watching HGthG.  When I got up I watched tv with my mom then packed, then paid some bills, and now it’s way later than I’d like it to be.  I need to be up at 8, in the shower by 8:45 and out the door at 9:15 tomorrow.  I cannot screw that up.

The good news? Once I’m at my dad’s, all bets are off.  Saturday – Tuesday = food, laziness, and fun with the family.  I’m not charting a SINGLE thing.  Naps as I choose, no watching what I eat, no productivity.  All vacation all the time. Except those two little phone calls I need to make — to Jule and to Cory.  Whoops.  Been meaning to do those both for a few days now.

So until next time (not sure when that’ll be.  Bringing the Macky, but unawares if wireless will be available),
Peace, Love & Happiness!

P.S.  I also fail at picture-blog today, as well as teeth hygiene.   I’m too sleepy to go “get ready for bed.”  Im’a count this as vacation already, even though that’s cheating.  😉


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  1. Amazing – kinda fantastic topic. I am goin to write about it too!

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