The day after.

The test went, in a word, badly.  I got a 500 verbal and 610 quantitative.  You know it’s bad when I do better on math. I spent last night drowning myself in wine, WoW and a movie, with the promise of turning things around beginning today.  My goals are as follows:

1. No naps.  Tired? Go to bed, and get up bright and early.
2. Exercise.  Yes, I’ve said this before.  But I never give up hope on myself.  At least 1x a day, preferably 2x.  And it’s okay, if in terrible pain, to skip a day.
3. Cut down on: snacks, alcohol, and the stuff that’s bad for my voice (caffeine, spicy foods, fried foods).
4. Eat more: fruits, veggies, soy.
5. Drink 1/2 glass of OJ every morning.
6. Keep moving.  Be it physical, mental, or just productive.  No staring at Facebook mindlessly for hours.
7. Take care of my teeth.  They’re neglected.
8. When “bored,” choose from any of the following:  studying for GRE test #2, studying for the Psych GRE, working on grad school application stuffs, looking at grad school programs, reading The Perfect Storm for a review in Natural Disasters class.
9. When needed “Linda-time,” choose from any of the following: recreational reading, movie from, WoW.
10. Make to-do list(s) constantly.  Stop trying to remember things.

What have I done today along these lines?  Let’s see, I haven’t napped (and it’s 9 p.m. — good sign I won’t nap at all then), I went jogging this morning, I had salad and soy crisps for lunch, I drank OJ for breakfast, I got info from Penn State and made a list of requirements for it in my decision to apply, I found GRE test questions in abundance that I can use to study, and I cleaned up my room (not that there was much to clean–it was more of a “tidy”).  I am going to go read the first few pages of A Perfect Storm, and when I get drowsy I will make some vegetables and sit down to watch “Gamers.”  Then I will brush my teeth and go to bed.  I have intentions on getting up around 8 to do a little more jogging before getting ready for work, which I should arrive at ~9:30.

Sounds good.  How long could I possibly keep this up?  Heh.

So despite my missing blog entry of yesterday, I did manage to take a picture, as I did today as well.

Post-GRE failure dinner.  :(

Post-GRE failure dinner. 😦

And today, I tried to catch Gus Gus barking with the ball in his mouth, but no dog wanted to stand still for three whole seconds.

Bella & Gus Gus.

Bella & Gus Gus.

Aaaaand, I’m off.  Peace.


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