Last free day or, alternatively, weekend part deux.

I got a good, long night’s sleep last night, so now it’s just about 2 a.m. and here I am, still awake.  I had a fairly productive, albeit semi-discouraging day at the very least.

That good night of sleep came at the expense of getting out of bed around 11 in the morning.  But once I did, I only loafed for an hour before starting on the task list.  I went to Jiffy Lube (an hour wait…that is not the definition of ‘jiffy’) and then washed the car.  I looked into some school stuff–looks like I’m currently seeking entrance to SUNY Albany, SUNY Cornell, SUNY Stony Brook, and The Graduate Center (CUNY), but I think both Albany and The Graduate Center are doctoral programs, SBU is unlikely to accept me because I did my undergrad there, and Cornell is…well, in fucking Ithaca.  I decided to take an alternate approach anyway.  While looking briefly into schools with Developmental Psychology programs, I’m also working on the requirements.  The GRE is obviously being taken (for the first time) on Wednesday, and I’m probably going to schedule the Psych GRE (a requirement for Albany at least) for 11/7 as soon as I have my loan money to pay for it.  I need to start asking for letters of recommendation, so I should email Alex and Sue sometime in the next week or so.  I will either see if I can get a letter from Dr. Kaplan or I will have two professional employer letters and one academic one; if it looks bad, it looks bad, but that’s where I’ve spent most of my time.  Other than that I will need a Personal Statement.  I know it’s come up on “the List” before, so I will have to go back into the archives and see what comes up by way of writing one, then create my own.

But first…the GRE that kicked my ass today.  I was going to try a practice exam, but it ended horribly.  I started off nice and strong.  I did the verbal in 20 (of 30) minutes, and got 5 out of 30 incorrect.  Some were due to rushing; a few were simply words I did not know and could not deduce.  Then I moved onto math, and bombed.  I am absolutely horrible at this high school algebra thing.  I couldn’t have answered 28 questions in 2 hours, let alone the 45 minutes I have to do them.  I had to look 80% of them up; I couldn’t even guess.

Maybe I was nervous.  Maybe I just needed exposure before I could truly tackle it.  Or maybe I am just really really inexperienced and overall bad at math.  I’m sure it’s a combination of all of those things.

In any event, I took it as a sign to put the book down (skipping the writing portion), and go cook.  I made burgers (and cheeseburgers), hot dogs, and every variation on grilled zucchini you can imagine.  Well, okay, maybe not every variation.  I coated in oil/salt/pepper, chili pepper, Italian seasoning, just basil, Italian dressing, and others I can’t even recall at the moment. Each “slice” got a different seasoning.  This freakin’ zucchini was about a foot and a half long, so I had plenty of veggie to work with.  Anyway, it came out amazing on the grill, as did the meat.  The fire was perfect, so I added marshmallows into the mix, and fortunately had graham crackers on hand.  I was short chocolate bar, but I did have milk chocolate morsels, so I lined those up on a graham cracker and made a few s’mores.    Absolutely delicious!  I cleaned off the grill, assuming I won’t be using it again this season, and relaxed in the yard with the dogs (Bella and her bff, Gus Gus) for a short while before my neighbor showed up.  We piled inside so he could work on my mother’s computer — it was RAM it needed all this time; who knew? — while I made some chocolate chip cookies (yes, from scratch).  I needed to spend equal parts errands/chores/studying and recreation or I’d be cranky on my last free day.  The cookies came out a little overdone on the first batch, but much better on the second.  I’m going to bring a dozen or so into the office, since there’s always good food being brought in over there these days.

After I cleaned up, I hung around another half hour or so until Patton Oswalt’s comedy special came on at 10.  It was … not hilarious, but not bad.  My mother said he had interesting humor, and I guess I kind of agree.  I don’t know if I just wasn’t really in the mood for it, or it just wasn’t that funny.

I ended the evening watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I thought was very interesting, and a nice love story.  My mother refuses to watch it because she doesn’t like Brad Pitt, but I think this one is worth it.  Again, I like the idea of “different” movies.  Thinkers, I guess.  I’m sure there’s a term for them.  I’ll try to remember to ask Cory that one, if I ever get to talk with him again.  For now, though, I need some sleep, so I can work and study all day and night tomorrow.  /math fail.  So sad. So sad.


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