Half a weekend.

Tomorrow is my last free day, and it’s already booked:

– I’m definitely getting that oil change. No question.
– I’m washing the car, weather permitting.  Last wash of the season.  Next thing I’ll do to it is probably winterize it.
– E-mail some schools directly about their programs.  The list of potential schools is in my last post.  (Side note: I mentioned some of these schools to my dad.  He made the “WTF would you want to go to Staten Island for?!” face.  I forget that not all people are like me, and like the idea of exploring new lands.  I also realize his reaction was a little bit, “so you’re going away again.”  He needn’t say it; it’s a natural reaction, and I’m almost positive it was in there.)
– I’m taking the practice GRE exam.  3-4 hours set aside for it.
– I’m BBQ-ing the aforementioned items: zucchini, burgers, dogs.
– I’m considering making chocolate chip cookies.  But I have chocolate ganache cookie sandwiches that I made tonight, so that mind wind up off the list.
– Lastly, I’m going over the vocab again.  All 295 words.  Takes about an hour.

So that’s tomorrow.  Yesterday I worked and had a half-speech session with Caryn, then stopped at the farmer’s market and bought tomatoes, this weird melon thing and some kosher dill pickles, then I went to dad’s and Lynn and I basically spent the night making chocolate ganache sandwich cookies, drinking beer (I only had 2–I’m sticking to my vocal hygiene best I can!), and bullshitting until bedtime.  I think I was asleep by midnight, which made me happy, ’cause it was like a real night’s sleep, which I don’t get very often at their house.

I woke up today at 7, when the boys headed out for their haircuts and breakfast.  I awoke because I knew KJ needed his sneakers, and I had put them in the laundry room the night before.  Knowing I had the answer, I knew I had to be up to tell him where they were.  I wonder if that’s an innate woman thing; you know, like my inner motherhood or something.  I read from about 7-8:30, then fell asleep for another hour or so.  I only had half a cup of coffee (vocal hygiene!) with breakfast, and then KJ and I played video games until we left with Lynn to go to the Greek Festival in Port Jefferson.

I took a bunch of pictures, KJ got his face painted and I got a butterfly on my ankle.  We went on a few rides.  The highlight (for me) was the Greek salad and Gyro.  Yum yum yum!!!  We went in the pool as soon as we got home, and relaxed there basically until dinnertime.  Dad & I watched Twister while Lynn and KJ played Uno.  I left shortly thereafter, because Tom had “claimed” me for the evening.  Turns out he worked at 4 a.m. and was waking for work again tomorrow at 3:30 a.m., so he couldn’t get together.  I knew it would happen, but it was okay, ’cause I stopped at the supermarket to buy groceries to make my own chocolate ganache sandwich cookies.

Joann was over when I got home, so I hung with the girls for a bit, then dove into my cookie-making.  After I finished those, I also made cucumber salad (recipe given to me by my co-worker, Kimmarie), and then cut up that weird melon I had bought at the Farmer’s Market.  After attempting to research it, it looks like they were trying to sell it as a Crenshaw Melon, but I think it was a Korean Melon.  It fits the description best.

And now it’s near midnight, and I can’t decide if I should try and watch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, or save that for tomorrow as a treat for finishing everything on my list.  I think I’ll do that, and tonight I’ll read more Clash.  I’m almost halfway through.  *sigh*  That is so discouraging.  I’ve only been reading this book I dunno, a month.   In my defense, I started studying for the GREs simultaneously.

Oh, and also, a guy I went to high school with died the other day.  Apparently he lived in PA with his parents and was highly suicidal.  He went into his room with a gun, threatening suicide, as he’d done before.  His parents left and called the police.  They contacted him by phone and eventually heard gun shots coming from his room.  He went out onto the porch and started shooting at the police officers, who shot back, severely wounding him.  He was flown to the hospital, but died.  At least that’s how I remember the story.  The actual article is here.  I remember him as being a troubled kid, but still seeming to enjoy life.  A lot can change in nine years though.  Or escalate, I imagine.  Sad, really.  R.I.P.  Mike.


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