The Final Vocabulary.

This is so exciting! Sure, I still have to study all these words (final total likely to be reported tomorrow), but there will be no new ones after these fifteen:

1. rout — to drive out; to stampede. Someone who talks really fast might just be saying “drive out” but it would sound to the naked ear like “drout.”

2. shard — fragment. Shards of glass, or shiny pink stuff for the WoW reference. (Damned if I know what they’re called.)

3. aver — to avouch, justify or prove. Once proven, common response is, “whataver.”

4. harangue — a tirade. I’ll always remember it because I thought it said ‘trade’ instead of ‘tirade’ so I came up with a cheat to remember it based on that. /shame

5. recondite — incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding; profound. In seeking clarification, one might ask, “Re-conned, right?”  “Well, it’s kind of hard to understand.”

6. dilatory — causing delay. When your eyes dilate and you can’t immediately focused, your seeing is delayed.

7. eschew — to keep clear of. Someone with a shoe-phobia would easily remember this one.  “A SHOE!  AHHH! GET IT AWAY!!”

8. seminal — influencing future developments. I’d say seminal fluid plays a role in that, yeah.

9. innocuous — harmless. Like an innocuous odor?

10. halcyon — calm. Ooh! It’s like a word jumble…missing an ‘m.’

11. austere — unadorned; severely simple. Aw! Steer are severely simple!

12. ignominious — shameful. I’m so ashamed, I have to go hide in an igloo.

13. respite — interval of rest. Stan the Concession Guy in the building I used to work in on Broadway taught me that word.  Go Stan.

14. deride — to ridicule; to make fun of. I’m scared of de rides, so people ridicule me.

15. equanimity — evenness of mind or temper. “Equal” parts mind and temper.  Kind of a memorization one, but oh well.

And that is all.  I will no longer have lists of words and my ridiculous attempts to remember them.  I’d like to think I’d keep up with a daily something, but knowing myself, it’s unlikely.

So today was a day of good food, as many of them have been.  My assistant office manager brought in a zucchini quiche and cucumber salad.  I personally enjoyed the cucumber salad more, but the quiche was good as well.  Her husband grows zucchini and cucumbers so she’s going to bring in a few for me tomorrow.  Then I can make my own cucumber salad over the weekend, when I’m studying and studying my ass off (well, Sunday, at least).

The next few days go as follows:

Friday: work, speech therapy (if Caryn will see me), farmer’s market, dad’s, Greek Festival.
Saturday: movies with Lynn, oil change, claimed by Tom for the evening, likely for a few beers and some Rock Band.
Sunday: wash the car (weather permitting), contact some schools regarding their graduate psych programs (Queens College, CUNY SI, NYU, Hunter, U of Rochester), practice GRE Exam #1, and more studying, & BBQ the gigantic zucchini and the rest of the burgers/dogs.
Monday: work, home to study.
Tuesday: work, home to study.
Wednesday: work, GRE, celebratory chocolate martini (but only one–gotta treat the vocal chords nicely)!

I can’t think past there, so I’m not going to try.  I’d like to get a gym night in next week as well, but if I can’t, I can’t. No biggie.

That’s all for tonight, ladies and gents.  Gonna go study and count my vocabulary words, then study some math formulas and stuff.

Addendum:  295 words from 7/14-8/20.  \m/


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