Penultimate vocab.

I have two 15-card piles of vocabulary left.  In an hour, I will have one left.  I am taking the GREs in exactly one week from right now (4pm).  Bizarre.

1. untenable — indefensible. Jack, Queen, King — they all have armor.  But the ten…shit, he’s in some trouble.

2. eradicate — to destroy completely. No more effort for words I know.  I’m running on battery power now.

3. iconoclast — an image breaker. If only the image were ironclad.

4. erudite — very learned. Kinda sounds like something you would say down your nose, doesn’t it?

5. acumen — keen; quickness of intellectual insight. Accu-men! At the ready with intellectual insight!

6. shoddy — not genuine; inferior. Those spurs are shoddy!  (Spurs from prior definition of spurious.)

7. dubious — doubtful. DUH.

8. banal — trite; commonplace. SAT word.  Win.

9. sagacious — wise. Well, I never thought of Bob Saget as wise, but, I guess, maybe, I could think about considering it?

10. engender — to produce. Never know what gender at first, really.  Not until you look, at least.

11. shirk — to avoid. Is that what the Koran means?  I think it means to pray to another god than their Allah.  Which would link it in a way, as one would be avoiding Allah to pray to something else.

12. delineate — to represent by sketch or diagram. De lines, man.

13. unruly — disobedient. Hit ’em with the ruler!

14. ruminate — to chew over again; think over. Ate? Chew?  Thanks for the help, GRE 4 Dummies.

15. harbinger — one who foreruns & announces the coming of a person or thing. More like har-bringer.  (I know, lame.)

Okay, Im’a get back to getting 5 million points in Slingo, so I can nap and wait for Cory so we can go walking and talking.  Im’a miss free time; I really am.


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